Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saddle Shoes from Walk-Over: Things I Have

I recently wrote about the rockin' Zachary boot from Walk-Over shoes, and before the holidays got quite a few wears in... but as I headed to California last week to see family, I brought along another pair they had kindly sent, the Walk-Over saddle shoe.

Been wanting saddle shoes for a while -- a very classic piece that has been on a resurgence. I gave them a whirl in the 'burbs of San Francisco and found them to be super comfortable...and super stylish.

I'm all about the color contrast, and the texture contrast between the suede and leather. Both help the shoe stand out, without taking over the look.

Here I styled them with a Thom Browne shirt, Black Fleece cardigan, and Uniqlo denim.

Of course in a very comfortable 50 degree California winter, I started out going sockless... so easy to wear with jeans for a casual day out.

But then I tried on a pair of Happy Socks for a little kick...

Check out these and some other great saddle color combinations on the Walk-Over site...

Cable Crewneck from Ami: Things I Have

While in San Francisco this week I did a little post-holiday perusal at Barney's. Without intending to (isn't that always the case), I walked away with a few things... one of which was this great cableknit sweater from French label Ami.

I'd been at the Ami launch at Barney's in NYC and had been impressed with the collection. This sweater fits perfectly, the sleeves are a little long (which is perfect for winter wear), and it is super soft. I haven't taken it off since I bought it.

There are some good deals on Ami right now, go check it out on the Barney's site...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Jimmy Choo Boots for Spring: Things I Want

I've been keeping my eye on the Jimmy Choo men's collections since they launched last year... there have been some fun styles (although Choo & Loub are starting to cross over a bit in the men's space).

But this morning the Spring 2012 offering jumped off the page at me -- brightly colored boots, and of course anything in yellow goes right on my want list!

Found these on Hypebeast (naturally) who found it on Honeyee (naturally) and I love the prices in Yen.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Specs from Eyebobs: Things I Want

Ever since Nick Wooster included them as part of his holiday gift guide, I haven't been able to get these specs from eyebobs out of my head!

Founded in 2001 the company offers a huge array of frames for men and women... but after looking through them all, I still loved the same pair that Wooster had selected (I mean, his eye is famous for a reason!).

Really like the thick rims, the marbling of the color, and the relatively small nature of the overall frame. Definitely think these will be on my 2012 want list!

Check out the eyebobs site for more options!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Loden Dager

As a follower of menswear there are two things that never fail to excite: seeing a collection on a runway and meeting with a designer in their studio.

The former is pretty obvious -- there is the music, the crowd, and seeing the pieces as the designer envisioned and styled it. The latter is the most unique opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation about the line, but also to see the environment that drives their work... fabric swatches, sketches, samples.

So when I had the invitation to meet with Loden Dager designer Paul Marlow in the brand's studio, I didn't hesitate to accept. I'm a longtime fan -- smart tailoring, unique detail + function, and a well balanced infusion of color and prints.

Sitting in the studio, surrounded by the aforementioned swatches, buttons, and Fall 2012 samples (my lips are sealed), I got to dive into what the brand is up to, and where they're headed.

Marlow (right) with Oliver Helden

The customer: "They want consistency", Marlow explained. Taking key silhouettes each season and changing the fabric or the details gives men reassurance the pieces will always fit as they expect, but keeps their look updated and fresh.

The collection: "I started making the pieces I'd want to wear...", but as the brand matures it seems important to Marlow that while everyone may not identify with each piece, the entire collection fits what his customer is looking for.

The production: "It makes it really easy having most of the collection produced seven blocks away", allowing for tweaks and modifications that would otherwise take a plane ride or a month of e-mail. Certain items are done in Los Angeles, Peru, Portugal based on the core production strength of those regions.

The show: "It really takes you away from everything", commenting on the subterranean venue where they've been holding their runway spectaculars (including personal fav Clement Chabernaud).

What's next: All I can say is... it's exciting. From what Marlow described about his plans for Fall 2012, as well as some expanding categories they are looking at, there is definite growth and excitement coming from the Loden Dager camp.

Stay tuned to more news via their blog, and for my recap after their Fall 2012 show in a few weeks!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Zachary Boot from Walk-Over: Things I Have

I may be coming a little late to the boot game, but I've been looking around for a good pair and definitely had some viable candidates (like these!)...

When the folks at Walk-Over shoes (remember these beauties) offered to send me a pair of their Zachary boot, I jumped at the chance.

Just from the photos online I liked the look -- it has wingtip design elements that to me adds sophistication but doesn't detract from the overall intention of the boot, and makes it a great city shoe.

I gave them a try at home and not only were they super comfortable, they started to work in nicely on the first go... given how much I romp around the city, day-long wearability is important!

Here I put them with some Thom Browne moleskine pants (and pink argyle socks) but last night I wore them with jeans, for an equally great effect. An easy entry into my wardrobe rotation!

Have already been receiving looks and compliments and can't wait to keep wearin' the Zachary boot throughout winter. Check them out on the Walk-Over site...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pleated Trouser from Gant Rugger: Things I Have

I've had my eye on this pair of trousers from Gant Rugger ever since they released for Fall. But every time I was either in the Rugger store or at Barney's, they were always sold out of my size.

So I was pretty excited this week when I popped into Barney's Beverly Hills and they had them! Grabbed them and ran...

It's a great lightweight trouser, with a mild pleat. Very slim tailoring and I love the fit.

They're available on the Barney's site, go check them out!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Green Corduroy Tie from Unis: Things I Have

I landed in L.A. this afternoon and made a beeline to the new UNIS store on La Brea. Sure, I'm very familiar with their store in NYC but being both a retail and menswear junkie, I wanted to see what they'd crafted on the West Coast.

Maybe it was the Southern California sun streaming in the front window, or the exposed beams and sparse furnishings... but something about the space just clicked and I found it incredibly well done.

While there I picked up the latest Inventory, a Le Labo candle, and this really great green corduroy tie.

Their selection of ties came in a variety of colors, and I've been on the hunt for a solid tie to replace the Tom Ford one I left on the 1 train (a very long story)...

Check out GQ's coverage of the store opening, with some great pics!

Spring 2012 Preview: Tallia Orange

Last week I stopped by the Tallia Orange showroom, to see their Spring '12 collection. Created as the private label of menswear manufacturer Peerless Clothing, Tallia (the orange mannequins speak the color story for themselves) is about basics with a twist. Patterned collars, small details, printed jacket linings, there are a myriad of ways the brand delivers some unexpected fun.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces -- I really liked colorful coats (no surprise there!). The red gingham (which also came in blue), was very lightweight and unconstructed, making it a really flexible piece for summer days at the office, at a picnic, or both. The red two button blazer was super sharp, with slim tailoring. And there was the really awesome double-breasted linen suit. The contrasting white buttons made that jacket stand out!

Spring also had some great washed paisley jackets, and a nice offering of basic suits. Check out their site to find out where you can buy, and get some color in your closet next season!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger 2011 Holiday Video: Things I Love

Last year Tommy Hilfiger launched a holiday campaign centered around a (quite large) family named The Hilfigers. There were the patriarch and matriarch, a smattering of members in their 20's, a few kids, and a dog.

The campaign started with a clever commercial involving a picnic and some canine-induced disaster. It was catchy, but what really impressed me was how omnipresent the campaign was... you saw it in print, at retail, and every Tommy touchpoint. That family was everywhere!

Since then there've been quite resort and spring ads, and now they've released holiday for 2011. And I have to say, I love it!

Again utilizing all of the family members, humor, and remaining very true to the Hilfiger brand identity. It's modern prep and it works!

Not sure I'd dance shirtless in my family 's living room... but that aside, great job!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Striped Pendleton Blanket: Things I Have

Yesterday I made my first foray into the San Francisco location of Unionmade Goods. They stock a huge selection of apparel, footwear, accessories: Levi's Made & Crafted, Alden, Unis, Folk, Aesop there is a long list of quality (and quite often made in the U.S.) goods on offer.

While there were quite a few items that caught my eye (these Made & Crafted chinos with the wooden buttons?!), I couldn't resist this fantastic wool blanket from Pendleton. I loved the stripes and the color palette, but also loved how thick and warm it will be when the weather in NYC turns to full-on winter blast.

You'll see on top of the blanket I also picked up the latest Free & Easy, one of my favorite Japanese menswear magazines. I've been missing Tokyo, and missing my days of flying through Narita and loading up on 30 lbs. of fashion goodness.

If you can't get to a Unionmade store (SF, Marin, Los Angeles) then get on their website and do some perusing there.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Leather Briefcase Options: My Brother's Shopping List

This week my brother asked me for some suggestions on a briefcase. He wanted something that looked nice for work, that was classic and could be used for a while, and that was reasonably priced.

I definitely have my favorites when it comes to leather goods... but in the spirit of meeting his criteria I've come back with what I think are three great options.

1. First up is a favorite brand of mine, Billykirk. Made in the U.S., they do great collections each season and are gaining quite a following. I really liked the simplicity of the Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel that I found on Bonobos, definitely a classic look.

2. I went to my go-to retailer's website to see what they had. While there were some bags that I loved, they weren't all suited for my brother. But this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag caught my eye. I liked the various textures of the leather, the front pocket, and the simple clasp. Available at Barney's.

3. Next I went to J. Crew, because I know they not only have a well edited men's mix, at a great price, but they also bring in other brands to round out their offerings. In this case, their own Montague Leather Satchel seemed like a nice fit for my brother.

Some good options to be sure, and hopefully one of them will soon be in my brother's hand!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wingtips from Walk-Over Shoes: Things I Have

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of wingtips and have to say that I became slightly obsessed with this pair on the Walk-Over website. So when they kindly offered to send me a pair, I definitely agreed!

I wore them last night for the first time and not only are they super comfortable, I love the detailing and the stitching They also have a significant heel, and give me some lift! I don't own much black, but really like the color of these and am excited to incorporate them into my winter wardrobe.

At last night's event I had multiple requests for photos of my shoes, so they're obviously going to get some attention!

Check out the Walk-Over website to see all of their offerings... I am definitely impressed with the craftsmanship of these shoes and can't wait to check out other styles.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Striped Tie by Lanvin: Things I Have

Recently I needed a tie last minute before an event... so I ran over to Jeffrey's (thankful it is close to my office) and checked out their selection. I had a really cool Band of Outsiders tie in hand, until the sales person pulled this one off the rack...

I loved the very traditional blue and green stripes, with the gold outline. It was exactly what I needed, I grabbed it, and ran!

Just wore it to an event tonight and thought it worked quite nicely.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweater with Leather Sleeves from Givenchy: Things I Want

This may be a little off the reservation for some of you, and perhaps I'm drawn to it because of my interest in Riccardo Tisci and the fantastic stuff he's been doing at Givenchy...

But whatever it is, I'm all about this crewneck sweater with leather sleeves. I like the relative simplicity of the body, in wool, with the contrast coming from the sleeve. And not just the different material, but the length of the sleeve helps it stand out (between you and me, the proportion of the sleeve was a selling point).

Once the weather actually drops to wear you can wear this, I say jump on it!

You can get Selectism's opinion here too (in case you were curious). But then go to SSense and buy it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maine Guide Strap Boot from Yuketen: Things I Want

I've been talking for a while about needing some boots (I mean, it's about to be my first NYC winter!). Been looking at the Julius boot from Peter Nappi, and then my friend Jeff suggested the Alden Indy... both amazing options.

Today though I came across the Maine Guide Strap Boot from Yuketen. I love the color, the height, the construction, the stitching... but really, I was sold with the strap (it's always the details, eh?).

From a Japanese designer who has the boots hand-sewn in Canada by indigenous craftsmen. Local artisan manufacturing meets Japan? What else do you need.

Available from those purveyors of all that is cool... Opening Ceremony.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thom Browne Shoes: Things I Have

Okay so here's a follow-up to my insane Thom Browne trend of the past week... I told you I picked up some great shoes at the sample sale. Well, here they are!

I am loving these saddles shoes. Black, white, and awesome all over!

Of course, not without the trusty red/white/blue tab at the back. #IfYouKnowYouKnow

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thom Browne Seersucker Suit: Things I Have

Last week was the Thom Browne sample sale. Of course this gives a brand fan like me chills... and has me start plotting how I am going to get there, find some amazing buys, and leave as quickly as possible. Think about the show Supermarket Sweep...

Anyway, I made a stop after work on Friday, by which point most things were gone. However I did pick up a couple of great shirts, some shoes (more on that to come), and an amazing seersucker suit.

When I tried on the coat at the sale, it fit me perfectly and I was so excited. Utilizing Thom Browne's usual red, white, blue stripe it is light and perfect for warm weather. I cannot wait for Spring to come, so I can wear this out!

The inside pocket, lists the size as "Sample". And the buttons came in this really cute manila envelope with a "TB" label on it.

As soon as I got home I tried it one, and it all fit like a glove. I am ready to go!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thom Browne Moleskine Pants: Things I Want

Realizing I already wrote this week about a Thom Browne blazer I received, and knowing that the Thom Browne sample sale is currently happening in New York, and that yesterday I saw my friend Richard and he was wearing all Thom Browne...

But this morning BG's men's homepage had a Thom Browne takeover and so I couldn't resist talking about this item I've been coveting for Fall. The Bergdorf's men's store has had these burgundy moleskine pants and every time I go in I ask if they have them in my size. And every time, alas, I'm told they don't.

Even on the BG site they don't have my size, so I think next week I'll have to take a trip to the TB mecca, 100 Hudson, and pick them up there. These are an essential for my Fall/Winter wardrobe!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hand Made Leopard Bowtie: Things I Have

I think it shows my sartorial versatility that I can write about Thom Browne one day, and show off a leopard bowtie the next.

Okay, just kidding... in fact this fantastic bow is another gift from my aunt, who hand makes ties for me. I just received it and cannot find the right occasion to wear! So fun and wild, I think it'd go great for a black tie event, or with jeans and boots.

And I have to admit the leopard is giving me some hints of Givenchy Men, which is never a bad thing.

Thanks to my Aunt Diane for another great creation!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Vintage Plaid Blazer by Thom Browne: Things I Have

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been a long time fan of Thom Browne. I love to wear his cropped and shortened aesthetic, and my eye can catch his red/white/blue striped grosgrain tags a mile away.

I was recently gifted an extraordinary blazer by Mr. Browne... from so many collections ago, that I like to refer to it as 'vintage'.

The blazer is a cashmere/wool blend tipped on the collar and cuffs with (of course) a grosgrain finish. I love the muted color palette of the plaid, so perfect for Fall.

Inside it is lined with a striped silk and finished with the sewn-in Thom Browne label.

This blazer is now making the rest of my jackets jealous, as they know they've been usurped... it is really a prized piece and I'm so thrilled to be able to wear it!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crop, No Roll: Docker's Spring 2012 Preview

On a rainy night last week, I went to see the Docker's Spring Preview for 2012. It's always fun to look at while I'll be wearing during a sunny season, while it's cold and windy outside.

I've been on the Docker's bandwagon for a while now, they've been getting great traction and brand development. And I really dig their recently launched Alpha khaki. So it was nice to see they're continuing some on-trend fashion elements for Spring... of course a camo moment and some really cool slim and cropped pants (since I recently used my new favorite term: "Crop, No Roll").

Looking forward to picking up some of these rockin' pants come Spring!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Series on Leather Craftsmen: Lotuff & Clegg

I was recently fortunate enough to be sitting with Joe Lotuff, of the leather goods company Lotuff & Clegg, for what was an all too brief 45 minutes (the brevity was my fault).

In that time though I learned so much about the New England brand, that Joe's passion for the craftsmanship and product definitely rubbed off. We discussed the way in which the cow hide is inspected for quality, how Lotuff & Clegg looks to use large swatches of leather versus stitching together two smaller ones, and how the rounded edge finishing is done by hand (no small feat) by a leather artisan. I also learned about how the leather is treated, without the use of chromium, to create the right texture and patina. While this takes additional time, it is something that Joe felt was part of the brand's integrity.

The design of each piece, and how that design may evolve, was another fascinating point of discussion. Lotuff & Clegg focuses on the functionality of each product, and design oriented additions should enhance that function. This was evidenced in the extra long zipper on a duffle bag, which allows for the bag to be fully opened. Joe also shared that through customer feedback they are able to make adjustments to a design, improving both its function and appeal.

The Leather Lock Briefcase

While the conversation focused on the brand in general, there was also this beautiful brand new leather briefcase in front of me, which required a lot of inspection! It was the Leather Lock Briefcase, in black, and I have to say I fell in love. It was so evident that all of the elements Joe had discussed: craftsmanship, detailing, design were all there.

The handle, designed to fit your hand just right

Close up of the hardware and the pebbling of the leather

Inside, with pockets, pen holders, and a zipped pouch

The briefcase, in all its glory

Now while I saw (and covet) the briefcase, Lotuff & Clegg had a wide offering... and from what it sounds like, their popularity is causing a bit of a wait list! So get over to their site, and check out the totes, portfolios, and other pieces you will definitely love (and own for a lifetime).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Plaid Wool Tie from Thom Browne: Things I Have

While in L.A. the past week I did some shopping (hello, Filson bag). One thing I saw and could not resist was this plaid shetland wool tie by Thom Browne.

I loved the red/white/blue plaid (not surprising from TB) but also the texture and chunkiness of the wool. It'll be perfect to wear as Fall approaches and the temperatures drop.

Now I found mine at Barney's but this photo is courtesy of Park & Bond. Go see what else they have from Mr. Browne!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Zippered Tote from Filson: Things I Have

I've been getting so many compliments (and photos by Tommy Ton!) on my leather bag from WANT, but with the weather changing I wanted something that could better withstand rain or snow.

When I was recently in Atlanta and peered through the window of Sid Mashburn I saw a huge (and glorious) pile of Filson bags, of all sizes, and knew that's what I wanted.

Yesterday I stopped by Barney's and voila... the Filson zippered tote is mine!

Can't wait to give it a spin around the city! Check out the Filson site for their full range of bags (and other great products)...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orri Henrisson for Spring 2012: Things I Love

Australian brand Orri Henrisson has been on my radar for a while. Doing very wearable and approachable menswear, with a colorful and inventive twist, their collection for Spring/Summer 2012 delivers on the same.

I really like the colored patches infused in shirts, jackets, and pants -- adding some great blocking and contrast to the pieces. I am also really into the leather patches on pants, giving it an equestrian feel. And in my favorite look below, the nubby dark pants (in what looks like a moleskine?) with the red contrast zippers...

Just a few of the looks, but makes me want to get on a plane to Australia and see it all in person. Check out Coute que Coute for more photos, and the Orri Henrisson site for stockist information.