Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wallet from Dior: Things I Want

Despite how it may seem, I didn't buy everything I wanted while in Paris last weekend. This Dior wallet caught my eye at Printemps and it took a lot of willpower, but I left there in the case, to add to my Want list.

I'm in need of a new wallet, since my Goyard card holder isn't large enough and my CdG zippered pouch has ripped.

This one had enough room for cards and cash, and I loved not only the bright color but the ridged design.

Hopefully I'll grab it soon!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blazer from Carven: Things I Have

This weekend I took a quick trip to Paris... I needed some inspiration, some fun, and some croissants. While at Printemps Homme I came across a great Carven section, something I have yet to see in the U.S.

I'm a fan of what Guillaume Henry has done since joining the house and tried on a few pieces. Later that day I saw more great Spring items at L'Eclaireur. And after that even more at colette. So I knew I had to take some Carven home with me...

Enter this amazing blazer that I loved as soon as I tried it on. It fit me perfectly, was nicely cropped, but a little boxier than what I've been buying lately (which I liked). Also it wasn't navy, which speaks to my need to branch out color wise.

Unfortunately, pocket protector not included.

Now I can't wait to work it into my wardrobe and wear it! Here it is on the colette site...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Regatta Tote from Head Porter: Things I Want

I'm always a sucker for a good tote bag, and with Spring (hopefully) coming I'll need some pool and beach-side very soon. And a good tote from Head Porter is too hard to resist... I mean, they do call it the "Regatta" collection.

Made from a waterproof tarp material, the two-toned bags are in four colorways. I can't decide if the black/blue or white/yellow is my favorite. I think I'd prefer a custom black/yellow option!

But either way, more goodness from the folks at Head Porter. Check out Hypebeast for more info!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Belstaff RTW Fall 2012: Things I Love

Belstaff, the British company known for it's motorcycle jackets, just launched it's first RTW collection for Fall '12. Since being acquired by Labelux, and then with investments from Harry Slatkin and Tommy Hilfiger, the brand has been doing significant outreach to renew its image and expand its product offerings.

They're definitely keeping the moto heritage in the new collection, complete with leather pants, long dusters, as well as some great cropped jackets with shearling detail. I dig it!

Here are a few of my favorite looks -- really liked the cropped coat with the leather strips, I thought the quilted belted jacket was pretty great, and the super chunky knit paired with leather pants is a look I probably couldn't pull off by might try to.

Head over to FY to see the rest of the collection and stay tuned for more news coming from Belstaff.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Spread Collar Shirt from Thom Browne: Things I Have

Last weekend I decided I needed to do a little shopping... and so stopped by Odin in SoHo. I walked away with pants, shoes (as shot by Tommy Ton) and this fantastic Thom Browne shirt.

In my quest to stray from everything navy, I really liked the subtle red and white check, and definitely got behind the spread collar. Tried it on, fit like a glove, and I was sold!

I wore the shirt this week with my N. Hoolywood blazer and the spread collar contrasting with the navy shawl collar on the jacket was perfect.

It's a great addition to my wardrobe and can't wait to get more wear out of it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gant by Michael Bastian Fall 2012: Things I Love

While I was at the Michael Bastian show on Monday, I couldn't make it to yesterday's Gant by Michael Bastian presentation. Which is a shame because a) they're always very festive and b) I'm slightly addicted to both the MB and Rugger lines from Gant.

But I did follow the live tweets from Michael Hainey, Nick Sullivan, and Ray Smith at the event, which itself was quite lively. For yet another season Bastian has seamlessly integrated the two brands -- incorporating the sophistication and detail of MB with the more casual preppy playfulness of Gant.

My favorite piece in the collection (slightly hidden by the overcoat) was a deep red blazer. Tucked Style tweeted a photo of it, and the color just really spoke to me. As someone who only buys navy jackets, this piece would be a welcome addition.

There were definitely a lot of layers in each of the looks, as you can see here. I loved the texture on these pants, the subtle grid giving it some depth (and reminding me of some key MB collection pieces!).

And of course, I had to call out a DB blazer. This one, with the pattern and the notched lapel was too cool to pass up. I assume it's wool (wish I'd been there in person to find out!) and would be a great piece to layer over a sweater come Fall.

Now I've given you a taste (and your eyes are going bonkers from the Mod set), check out the rest of the collection at GQ.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Document Case from Pierre Hardy: Things I Want

I've long been a fan of Pierre Hardy -- those hightops with the geometric print keep me mesmerized. And then I've seen sneak peeks at his accessories and found them equally cool. But it wasn't until last week that I realized Barney's carries a number of them.

So now I'm obsessed with getting this side zip portfolio... in red. It's big enough to fit under my arm and carry documents, keys, passport, etc. and definitely makes a statement!

Check it out here on the Barney's site, along with the other Pierre Hardy pieces.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Public School Fall 2012: NYFW Review

They're back! Public School, participants in the CFDA Incubator program unveiled their revamped line at Milk Studios last weekend... a tight 26 piece collection that was mentored by none other than Nick Wooster.

Shown in a darkened space that really helped to evoke the mood of the Fall palette, there were some really great jackets -- overcoats, leather, varsity. Paired with easy wovens and cool marled knits, the styling by Eugene Tong really pulled the whole collection together.

Drawing on my current double-breasted obsession, this blazer was my favorite piece in the collection.

With the designers' own experience, plus the CFDA and Wooster in their corner, this is a line that is sure to get some attention... keep an eye on Public School!

Michael Bastian Fall 2012: Just One Look

Michael Bastian has exploded, and at yesterday's Fall 2012 show it was everywhere you looked. From the amazingly elaborate set (there was snow), to the venue packed to capacity, to the sheer size and thoroughness of the collection.

There was incredible corduroy, some whimsical knits (the chess pawns were a favorite), and a variety of double-breasted pieces that had me drooling. Oh and the footwear -- I don't even know where to begin.

But until I can fully digest the whole thing, here's one look I have to have. High-buttoned DB jacket, embroidered corduroy pants, a fun bow, and the slippers that you're seeing everywhere, but which Bastian did in his own way.

GQ has the full collection, and I'll be back soon to share more of my favs and thoughts on what the Bastian man will be wearing come Fall.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Loden Dager Fall 2012: NYFW Review

For Spring 2012 the Loden Dager palette definitely popped... and it seems designer Paul Marlow is continuing that into Fall. Get ready for color!

Their Fall show, held at Good Units, opened with a bright red suit (below) that set the tone for the rest of the collection. As a fan of the tailoring in their suiting, I am looking forward to seeing this look up close.

There was also some great knitwear -- this piece worn by Clement Chabernaud had some fantastic back detailing that this photo doesn't do justice. The knits had a streak of whimsy, but also a thoughtful intricacy. When I met with Marlow a few weeks ago he alluded to some interesting knits for Fall... and he delivered.

This suit really stood out -- a gold thread in the fabric gave it some shine, and I loved the three button jacket.

Overall a consistent collection, shown in a packed house. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some Loden come Fall! Check out the rest of the looks at GQ.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tim Coppens Fall 2012: Just One Look

Last night I attended the Tim Coppens presentation -- his sophomore collection in what has been a well received and much talked about brand launch. In fact Coppens recently won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation grant, further bolstering buzz about the line.

Clearly leveraging his background at both Adidas SLVR and Ralph Lauren RLX, there was an intricacy and use of detail that blew me away. Mixed textures, patterned seams, zipper detail -- the collection brought an edginess and restrained sophistication.

Since my photos would not do it justice, for now I'm sharing just one look. This amazing double-breasted trench, belted (naturally). Love the shoulder detail, the side flap and cinch, and the silver zippers.

Will definitely be sharing more on Tim Coppens, and I know you'll be hearing a lot more about him... stay tuned!

Shades of Grey Fall 2012: NYFW Review

Yesterday kicked off New York Fashion week for the Fall 2012 collections and first up for me was Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. This is a line that I've written about before, and that I own some pieces from... it's a line without a lot of gimmick but with some solid tailoring, and infusion of trend.

To that point, as I walked in I noticed takes on the varsity jacket, a lot of quilting, and great corduroy. In what appears to be a common theme for Fall, there were a number of striped pieces (Justin Berkowitz at Details referred to them 'blanket stripes').

Not to start with my favorite look, but well... I really got into this corduroy vest and jacket. Of course it's navy, which was a draw, but also liked that the jacket is a little cropped. The sweatpants are cool, and add an interesting contrast to the whole look; but the top half is just right for a day outing or a few meetings.

In what was a fairly staid palette (it is Fall after all), I liked the inclusion of these rust colored pants.

Always a fan of a marled crewneck, and this was no exception. The wool flannel blazer of it had an equally soft hue, which made it feel like a great Summer to early Fall transition piece.

Overall a well thought out and easy to wear collection. More photos to come, and an inclusion of some of the quilted pieces, which I thought were fantastic. Stay tuned for more NYFW news!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fall 2012 from Sacai: Things I Love

I've been following Japanese label Sacai for a few seasons now -- although designer Chitose Abe launched her menswear line in 2009. But since discovering it, I have been consistently impressed with the attention to detail and the innovative knits, for which she is known.

WAD magazine recently did an exploration of a few growing Japanese brands (more on that soon!) and Sacai was one of them -- with a brief but insightful interview with Abe. Interesting to me was her response that her designs are indebted to her living in Tokyo but that she doesn't "necessarily draw a line between Tokyo and the rest of the world."

After reading the WAD piece I realized I hadn't yet seen images of the F/W '12 collection, and so quickly located them, and found it to be true to form.

Having noticed the use of white buttons and striped coats in S/S '12, it continued into Fall, with great result.

I really enjoyed these patterned pants that have a great sheen but are structured enough to wear as a normal trouser (and be paired here with some double monks).

Always a sucker for chunky knitwear, this piece stood out. Again the white buttons (love that contrast) and a play on a double-breasted design, with various knit patterns featured.

I highly suggest you keep an eye on Sacai, and that you check out the rest of the Fall images at Fucking Young.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Suits from Ana Locking: Things I Love

I've been following label Ana Locking for a while and was excited by their Fall '12 collection. And no, not because they featured Clement Chabernaud (well, maybe a little).

I am always attracted to color and pattern, and they did a great job here of blending it with classic pieces and a buttoned up "gentlemanly" aesthetic.

There's great tailoring, and I'm really into the three piece suits, especially the red plaid shown below. Of course the pops of yellow are also a draw, and I think an interesting color selection to bring into Fall.

Overall a concise collection that stays true to it's theme... and I'm going to keep my eyes out for that red suit (and raffia wrapped briefcase!). More info via Hypebeast...