Thursday, June 20, 2013

Specs from Tom Ford: Things I Want

Just last week I was thinking I could use a new pair of specs... I'm loving the Warby Parker's I have now but something a little more unique.

This morning I came across these rockin' frames from Tom Ford (quelle surprise). Mix of a light navy around the eyes with a tortoise type print on the sides. Love the contrast and how it stands out.

Definitely keeping an eye (no pun intended) on these -- they're listed at Restir but currently sold out. More info from the good folks at Hypebeast.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preview: Menswear Designers do Duffels for CFDA x Details

Last Fall the CFDA and Details magazine partnered to have men's designers create an exclusive pocket square. One was framed and signed and auctioned off... 100 more of each design were available through Bonobos. Not only did I bid (and lose) on a number of them, I ended up buying the Billy Reid design for a friend.

Well the collaboration has returned and this time the accessory of choice is a duffel bag. An Army standard issue duffel bag. Twenty designers participated, making the duffel their own, including Marc Jacobs, Ovadia & Sons, Michael Bastian, UNIS, Gilded Age, and many more. 

Details gave me an advance peek at the bags and here are my favs (and the ones I'll most likely be bidding on!)...

Public School -- before I even knew who designed this bag it stood out to me. Turning the whole bag + hardware black, I loved the quilted leather side pocket. Oh and these guys just want the CFDA Swarovski Menswear Award.

Tommy Hilfiger -- I saw the photos of this bag and loved the bright red leather handles, and the black leather end caps. Then I looked closely at the blue patch on the side and saw that signature "TH". Classic, subtle, sophisticated.

Simon Spurr -- while his own line shuttered (fingers crossed for a re-launch), Spurr has continued to consult Hilfiger's men's collection and I've long been a fan of his work. He took the duffel and added some lux touches -- a white leather handle and leather croc-print side pocket. The studs on the Army issued strap (see below) add a touch of punk.

Todd Snyder -- saving this one for last because I thought Snyder had the most innovation in his design. Literally turned it on its head... the bag now goes vertical and the top and bottom are trimmed with leather. A leather shoulder strap and rope closures give this a vintage military feel, and the TS brand stencil rounds it out.

The bags will be available for auction via eBay and go up on Monday, June 10. So just a few more days + you can start your bidding!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Navy Tuxedo from Todd Snyder: Things I Love (And Wore)

With the CFDA Awards approaching a few weeks ago I was a little worried about what I was going to wear. Luckily the good folks at Todd Snyder came to the rescue, hinting they had a pretty cool tuxedo available. Was that an understatement!

It's funny because during his Fall 2013 presentation I noted the navy tux and how cool it was. Great peak black lapel, and a dark rich navy to contrast with it.

So I was blown away at being able to wear the tux yesterday to the CFDA Awards. Without any alterations it fit perfectly -- hit on the shoulders, tucked in the back, and showing just enough cuff. All the signs of impeccable craftsmanship (and someone who's been doing this for a while).

Was asked quite a lot who I was wearing... but it's from Fall '13 so you'll have to wait just a little bit longer to pick one up for yourself!

In the meantime, head over to the Todd Snyder site to see what you can grab right now.