Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative Recreation Hightops: Things I Want

No surprise that my hightop obsession continues... I just got my rockin' PF Flyers (with red strap across the tongue and quilting across the heel) but now I've found a new release from one of my fav brands, Creative Recreation.

They're coming out with the Geno for summer and I am all about the bright pop of color. Bright solids seem to be everywhere lately and I'm okay with that! Creative Recreation designer Elliot Soriano seems to agree, as he says: “This is perfect for what’s going on right now. It’s definitely the new trend.”

I really like the patent quilting across the heel, and the lighter shade on the sole.

Check out the Creative Rec website for more info (and more cool styles).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oxford x Camo Bowtie: Things I Want

I'm not sure how it happened, but lately I am so into camo! I think I used to only see it on a pair of too baggy cargo shorts and just couldn't deal. But now... whether it be a tote bag, tailored shorts, or hightops I am diggin' the camo!

Now, Brooks Brothers has collaborated with Social Primer to do a collection of reversible bowties. And below is the Oxford Sidewheeler meets Camo style... and I want it!

Now to be fair, most of the collection is fantastic... check it out here, and if you don't go for this version get one of the others!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lapel Pin by Vanities: Things I Want

Always looking for new accessories, and this lapel pin caught my eye. The grosgrain bow is pretty cool on it's own, but I liked the addition of the skull. Sort of sets the whole piece off, and would make a great addition to my favorite navy blazer.

I also feel we'll be seeing this rocked out by Kurt's character on Glee. I'm just saying... he has a flair for the flair!

This gem comes courtesy of Vanities, and you can see more photos at Selectism.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Slim Cargo Pants: Things I Have

I've had a long standing aversion to cargo pants. As worn in the past they were overly baggy, sloppy, and had so many pockets it seemed like they only meant for a wildnerness weekend.

Well, no more... while in Hong Kong recently I tried on a pair of the slim cargos that Uniqlo has been offering (and heavily promoting). They were actually almost too slim for my liking but I ended up really liking the cut and the comfort.

This week I test drove them at work, paired with a white shirt and wingtips, and have to say they looked (and felt) great! Got a lot of compliments, and am now excited to do a more casual look next time around.

Go to the Uniqlo site + check them out (they come in multiple colors, and in a women's version).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mark McNairy Saddle Shoes: Things I Want

Last weekend when I was (briefly) in Hong Kong I went on a saddle shoe mission. I ran over to I.T and tried on four or five different pairs. Of those, I really loved these tone-on-tone with white eyelets by Mark McNairy.

McNairy is everywhere right now -- his New Amsterdam line, designing for Woolrich Woolen Mills, a collaboration with Club Monaco. I am totally enamored with his footwear, and many call him the best in the business.

This pair was great because of the contrast the white eyelets and white sole provide. Totally perfect for Spring/Summer.

Ultimately I decided to wait on these because I didn't think they'd fit in my bag. So now I'm on the hunt to find them stateside, because I definitely do want them!

You can find them right now at Bows + Arrows, if you can't wait!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Madras Coat + Shorts: Things I Want

While I was at Barney's over the weekend looking for a swimsuit, I also perused the Michael Bastian for Gant selection. I saw this fantastic madras coat (with gray elbow patches), and then I saw the matching shorts.

Had. To. Try. Them. On.

The result was totally amazing. These two items just rocketed to the top of my "want" list for S/S '11. With a white shirt and some loafers this would be *the* outfit of the season.

Given they pieces were designed by Mr. Bastian, they of course fit perfectly. The shorts were snug around my waist, but not too tight in the leg. The jacket hit me right in the shoulder and was not too boxy.

For now I'll just imagine myself at a summer party rockin' this look...

Images from Barney's, go check these items (and the rest of the MB for Gant range) there.

Gant Rugger Swimsuit: Things I Have

I'm heading to Palm Springs for the Easter weekend and decided it was time for a new swimsuit. So of course I headed right to Barney's to see what they had.

No surprise that the first suit to catch my eye was from Gant Rugger. I loved the fun madras print, the front and back pockets, and the square cut. Tried it on and it fit perfectly!

I always love a little color and so this mix of navy, yellow, and white is a great match. Super excited to rock this out in a few days...

Check out the Gant site for more from their Spring '11 collection.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PF Flyers High Tops: Things I Have

I was looking on Gilt recently, trying to feed my high top addiction, and came across a PF Flyers sale. I was totally into a few of the styles they had, but really fell for these black ones.

I loved the vinyl quilting on the back heel and the red strap across the top. So cool! And the price wouldn't be beat...

Since I was on the road when I ordered them, it was a very nice surprise to come home to, and I already wore them out last weekend. Rocked 'em with my black jersey shorts from Vanishing Elephant!

Here's the PF Flyers website so you can check out what else they have going on!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shoes from Jil Sander: Things I Want

When you dream about owning a pair of shoes, it is really telling. Telling you that you need to buy them! Last night I dreamt that these amazing Jil Sander derbys were mine. All mine.

Alas I woke up this morning without them in my closet, but it's a sign that I am obsessed with these shoes. I am never afraid of rocking some color, but until now haven't done so in a leather lace up. These are perfect for Spring, and I love that the upper and sole are in the same color. Well done Raf!

You can get these beauts directly from Oki-Ni -- or if nothing else, see more drool worthy photos of them. Then maybe you'll dream about 'em too!

Tote from Archival Clothing: Things I Want

In my never ending quest for tote bags I have found yet another "want". This fantastic bag from Archival Clothing. I really like the shape, the rugged construction, and the long handles.

Looks like a bag that can take a beating + it's super functional.

Found this on Selectism, check it out there!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rubber Shoes from Shudy: Things I Have

While traveling last week I read a post from Sartorially Inclined, one of my favorite menswear blogs. He was talking about these great rubber shoes from Italian brand Shudy.

As I'm on the hunt for some summer kicks, and have been looking at boat shoes, I loved these because they were a mix of driving shoe (treaded on the bottom), boat shoe, and in an all-weather material. Had to have them!

So courtesy of Bluefly, I found 'em, bought 'em, and they were waiting on my doorstep when I got home from South America. I wore them over the weekend, got a lot of compliments, and can't wait to continue rockin' them throughout the summer!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jacket from Unis: Things I Have

I've done some previous coverage of Unis, the NYC based menswear label started by Eunice Lee. They offer a great casual urban aesthetic + have been picked up by Bloomingdales (so I can actually find it in L.A. now!).

So of course while I was just in NYC I had to make a stop by their store on Elizabeth... and as luck would have it, they're having a sale. I tried on a few different jackets (I'm on the hunt for a Spring blazer) but really fell in love with this cotton double-breasted shawl collar jacket.

It is so comfortable, fit me great, and the collar was large enough to cover my neck and keep me warm. I also really liked the plaid lining, giving the piece a little unexpected kick.

Go to their site and check out other items they have on sale... not to late to get some Unis for yourself!