Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cape from BBC: Things I Want

Okay, don't laugh. But I have been sort of fascinated with capes for a while now. I even convinced my friend Jamie to try one on at Uniqlo (the armholes were too high). But there is something about the flow and the flexibility of a cape that intrigues me.

Luckily one of my favorite labels (the Pharrell fronted) Billionaire Boys Club has come out with a pretty rockin' cape.

Camel is (in my opinion) the best color for a cape, totally versatile. This one comes with a hood, which is the only part I'm not too sure about... but I'll have to try it on to see!

BBC has a store in SoHo and you can read more about this cape at Hypebeast.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vincent Schoepfer Spring 2011: Things I Want

A couple of years ago I came across shots from Vincent Schoepfer's lookbook, right around the time he started showing at Capsule. I thought the photos were really fun & playful, and the clothes looked right up my alley.

Since then I've been following the season-by-season merriment that Vincent puts out and I have to say he does a great job keeping it whimsical!

Now I was recently going through his latest collection and I really love the athletic nature of the shoot and the pieces, a couple of which reminded me of Alexander Wang's whole 'football' theme last year.

I've included my favorite below -- the quilted stitching of the shirt, with the mesh shoulders. So cool! I want it!

Check out the rest of the collection here at Fashionisto, or go to the designer's website and enjoy his past collections too!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Voodoo Doll: Things I Have

Yes, I bought a Karl Lagerfeld voodoo doll. But I need to learn the opposite of voodoo... where I can channel positivity and even further fashion brilliance via my doll.

This story started two days ago, while I was in Brazil on a business trip. Walking through a department store at the Iguatemi Mall, I came upon a pop-up shop full of curious items. It is apparently an extension of Sao Paulo Fashion Week and was chock full of accessories, design gadgets, and voodoo dolls.

They had Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, Madonna, Lady Gaga (in her bubble dress) and of course the Kaiser. I just couldn't resist. And not only is Karl keeping me company as I continue my trip, I figure he can become my own talisman, who I photograph at each of my global destinations.

And to start it off, here he is pictured on the window sill in my hotel room in Buenos Aires. Hola Karl!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Osklen Shoes: Things I Want

Ever since my first trip to Brazil, I've been a fan of Osklen. They have a really casual surfer vibe (not surprisingly, as the brand was formed in Rio) and to me their stores always smell like the ocean.

They also have some really unique techniques in making their wares... I'm a big fan of their fish skin shoes, something that you won't see anywhere else and they are using local Brazilian products (I have a rockin' pair of high tops).

Well I'm in Sao Paulo again right now and yesterday I spent a good amount of time trying on things at Osklen. Found some great t-shirts, a pair of really nice linen shorts, and a PVC tote bag that is perfect for the beach. But of course the one thing I wanted the most, I could not have. These shoes below...

I loved the mid-high top, the elastic on the side to just pull them on, and the worn canvas feel to them. But the bunched up fabric on the top (Osklen calls it "wrinkled") is what I found to be the coolest design feature. I tried on a size 44 but they were, as expected, too big.

The quest continues (maybe I'll get to another Osklen store before I leave Brazil). But you can check them out here on the website:

Bom dia!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lanvin for H + M: Things I Want

As many of you know, this is not my first time drooling over an H + M collab... you may remember (perhaps as fondly as I do) the time I stood on Queens Road in Hong Kong to try and snag a piece from the CdG collection. And I was successful!

So now of course comes the collection done by Lanvin and I cannot wait! Today I finally saw photos of both the women's and men's pieces and they were, in a word, exquisite.

For me I really want one of the tuxedo jackets, a pair of the shiny blue shoes, and this amazing navy coat. Please retail gods... let me have it!

I love this coat because of the length, the simplicity of the design (at least what I can tell from the photo) and the gold buttons. Perfect for winter (when it does finally arrive).

Now, check out all of the photos here at NY Mag -- complete with prices so you can start saving. And begin to figure out how long you'll have to camp out in front of your local H + M to get some of this goodness.

Bon courage!