Monday, November 21, 2011

Leather Briefcase Options: My Brother's Shopping List

This week my brother asked me for some suggestions on a briefcase. He wanted something that looked nice for work, that was classic and could be used for a while, and that was reasonably priced.

I definitely have my favorites when it comes to leather goods... but in the spirit of meeting his criteria I've come back with what I think are three great options.

1. First up is a favorite brand of mine, Billykirk. Made in the U.S., they do great collections each season and are gaining quite a following. I really liked the simplicity of the Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel that I found on Bonobos, definitely a classic look.

2. I went to my go-to retailer's website to see what they had. While there were some bags that I loved, they weren't all suited for my brother. But this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag caught my eye. I liked the various textures of the leather, the front pocket, and the simple clasp. Available at Barney's.

3. Next I went to J. Crew, because I know they not only have a well edited men's mix, at a great price, but they also bring in other brands to round out their offerings. In this case, their own Montague Leather Satchel seemed like a nice fit for my brother.

Some good options to be sure, and hopefully one of them will soon be in my brother's hand!


Mr. Welcome said...

Thanks for the research big-brother!

Peter Scordo said...

thanks for the review matt! i hope the billykirk bag comes back on stock. definitely on my christmas list this year.

can you write a similar post on black wool coats?

savagesupply said...

Hey, the men's leather briefcases that you have selected for your brother choice are really awesome. Also they are look very strong, robust and trendy. I feel he will definitely loves to own these fantastic leather briefcases. Thanks for the post.