Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I Want: Gitman Ties

I never have an occasion to wear ties anymore, but have been thinking that I want to start again. I'd actually asked my Dad if he still had any of the old knit ties, wool ties, ties with roosters on them that I remember as a child. Unfortunately he's given them away.

So in my quest for new neckwear I'd like to start with some great patterns + colors from Gitman! Check out this great one that I found on the Blackbird blog.

Gitman has released a ton of new styles and Blackbird has picked up a lot of them. Check out the rest here:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I Have: Feiyue

Whenever I arrive in Shanghai I pick up one of the local English magazines, which provide news and events for around the city. On this trip I read an article about Feiyue, a Shanghai produced sneaker that has been made since 1959.

Like many retro items that are coming back, the Feiyue brand was picked up by a Western entrepreneur who modified the shoe a bit and started selling them in France and the U.S. The article I read mentioned you could get them now at Fred Segal for $50.

However... there is a small shop in Shanghai that still sells the original. The low cut version is the equivalent of $4 and the mid-top shown here are $7.

So yesterday I hopped on the metro and went to find me some Feiyue! The shop selling them is a very typical local place, a very tiny storefront with merchandise packed inside. The woman inside looked at me (the only Westerner for miles) and immediately knew what I had come for.

And that's how I walked away with a pair in white and in black for a total of 96 RMB. Incredible!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Have: Uniqlo T-Shirt

In my recent excursion to Uniqlo (see my previous post about my new gray jeans) I also picked up this really cute striped t-shirt.

Uniqlo is known for their awesome t-shirt range -- crazy Manga shirts, Polaroids of Terry Richardson, funny phrases. They have it all. I liked the various colors on this one, and it was on sale for 99 RMB. Can't go wrong!

But this weekend I am venturing to Shanghai's Super Brands mall, where they have a Uniqlo flagship, and hopefully I can find a few more goodies.

If you want this shirt, here's the link from Uniqlo's Japanese site. You can also use it to see all of their current t-shirt designs:

Things I Want: Coat from Prada

What a great coat for next Fall! From Prada's Fall 2010 collection there were quite a few pieces I liked. The short sweaters with the rounded neck were also a favorite (I am particular to the one in watermelon).

But the item I liked the best was this jacket. The blue + orange pattern plays so well, it's eye-catching but not overly loud.

Go to GQ and see the rest of the Fall offerings out of Prada:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I Have: Jeans from Uniqlo

Since I started traveling to Asia regularly, three years ago, I think all of the staples in my wardrobe come from Uniqlo. They have such a great variety of basics, in fun colors, and at an amazing price.

Last week I stopped by the Uniqlo near my office in Shanghai (and let's talk for a second about the flagship they're opening this summer near the hotel I stay at!)... and I picked up these light gray jeans.

I've found that their 001 style (Slim with Straight leg) fit me so well and I always get comments on them. I have the jeans in a dark rinse but also in colors: dark gray, light blue, and now these light gray ones. And they rang up for only 199 RMB (about $25). How could I say no!

You can check out all of the colors + styles on offer at Uniqlo through their website: Have fun!

Things I Want: Alife Slip-ons

I recently bought my first pair of Alife sneakers -- gray high tops with an aqua sole (see post). I've received a lot of compliments on them... and while I have a slight obsession with high tops at the moment, these news slip-ons from Alife's Spring 2010 range look very cool.

Love that there are no shoelaces and they've only outlined the lace holes. Love the simple black upper with the very Common Projects-esque writing on the back right of the shoe. And I think the hint or red on the heel is a really nice touch.

In general, a very simply but well designed shoe that I could wear all over the place!

Check out this and more Spring styles from Alife at:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I Want: Phillip Lim Travel Set

Given how much I travel, I am always on the lookout for great on-board accessories. For me I've found that the trick to resting on a flight is a good eyemask.

So I was very excited to see this travel set by Phillip Lim, sold at the Ace Hotel's new Opening Ceremony curated shop. A very soft and comfortable looking eye mask, and a blanket that doubles as a shawl or a hoodie. I love it! How warm + snuggly would that be on a plane.

From what I've read the new Opening Ceremony at the Ace New York has some fantastic finds, but you can start by reading more about the Lim travel set here:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I Want: Michael Bastian (Everything!)

I've been anticipating the Gant by Michael Bastian line for a while and so was thrilled to see photos from last week's presentation. I love it! It totally melds both Gant's design point of view with a classic Michael Bastian perspective. And I'm guessing the price point will be more amenable than that of Michael's signature collection.

Below you can see a glimpse of the Gant pieces (I love the green lacrosse sweater), and you can read more at Selectism:

Now, not to ignore Michael Bastian's own line... it was pretty fantastic too. Great sweaters and sports coats and patches (things he is always strong withi). But I especially drooled over the combo below...

And yes, his track record on handsome models is pretty good too! Check out more photos from his show here at GQ:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I Want: Rubber shoes from Native

I came across these shoes yesterday, made out of EVA, designed by Native. I thought they were really cool -- a take on a casual lace up, but perforated, and made of rubber! They reminded me a little of the Band of Outsiders for Sperry shoes in rubber... although these seem more multi-functional.

There are multiple color options (red, blue, yellow) but I prefer the gray. I think it's a great Spring choice, paired with a bright t-shirt and some shorts.

Another great find by Highsnobiety, check out the full article (and more photos!) here:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I Want: Yellow Coat from Duckie Brown

Fashion Week is starting in NY (yeah!), so hopefully there will be a lot of great stuff to write about. Although first I'll take a pause * * to remember Alexander McQueen, who passed today.

Today Duckie Brown showed their F/W 2010 collection and there are some great pieces. I know I said that I was moving on from yellow being a key color for me, but I just can't let go. So here we are... a hot yellow coat, with a nice short length.

There was also a lot of tartan on the runway today, and I was digging that too (but of course just can't get away from yellow!)... so go to Racked National (their brand new site) and check out more photos:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I Love: This is Not a Polo Shirt

This post should be titled "Reinvention" or "Vintage Inspiration". I've been thinking a lot lately about taking design inspiration from something in the past and repositioning it for today.

So it was really funny to discover that Band of Outsiders has done just that and in a really fun & contemporary way.

A few weeks ago I was reading GQ and came across this editorial about Band of Outsider's new "This is Not a Polo Shirt" collection. Modeled by James Franco's younger brother, I thought the various polo designs were really fun and poppy.

I was intrigued, and so I went to the Band of Outsiders website ( Imagine my surprise to see this picture of the label's designer, Scott Sternberg, from 1980. And wearing a yellow polo very similar to the one pictured above in GQ.

I love taking this sort of inspiration from your youth, or from a moment that so quintesentially typifies an era. I think I may have had the western styled shirt worn by the next boy over in that photo. Fun times!

Go check out the polo shirt inspiration + collection here:

Things I Want: Sweatshirt from WeSC

I've long been a fan of WeSC, a label that melds skateboarding and snowboarding cultures, in a really fun and cool way. The apparel always has a great mix of some urban edge but with total wearability.

They've now teamed up with a graffiti artist to collaborate on a small collection. Perusing through the items, I really liked this sweatshirt! The design isn't overwhelming but adds a great touch to the item.

You can read more about the collaboration and see photos of the other pieces at Highsnobiety:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I Have: Ken Bowtie by Alexis Mabille

I have an affinity for Ken (Barbie's boyfriend) and his classic looks. Ken has some amazing style and in the mid 60's he was fashion forward!

Last year colette hosted a fantastic shop-in-shop of Barbie goods, including a very fun and playful Ken bow tie by Alexis Mabille. Now I am a) obsessed with colette (duh!), b) loving the work of Alexis Mabille, and c) a fan of Ken.

So imagine my delight when a friend + mentor gifted me one of the Ken bow ties! I love it and cannot wait for the perfect event to wear it at. Hmm....

One of my favorite blogs, Highsnobiety, covered this when it launched last year:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things I Want: Dior Homme High Tops

I've had a thing lately for high tops (umm, prior post about my new Alife kicks!) and was checking out some rockin' Lanvins at the Webster in Miami.

Today though I saw these from Dior Homme and I love the wrap around laces and the height of the shoe. Very cool and makes me want some skinny jeans that I can tuck inside!

Now due to the cost these are definitely on a *wish* list... but here's to hoping!

Things I Want: Silver Collar Stays

I used to have a pair of silver collar stays, that I received as a gift. And I loved them. They hold your collar so much better than the plastic ones, and I think it adds a touch of (albeit hidden) sophistication.

Now I find these very cool silver stays... that have added functionality! One of them is a flathead screwdriver, another is a bottle opener. How handy is that.

You can see a few more pictures here:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I Love: Givenchy Couture S/S 2010

There were some amazing designs shown during the Couture shows last week for S/S 2010. I think my favorites were from Givenchy, a house I don't normally gravitate to.

But hello feathers and frills and a really fantastic color palette full of vibrant and rich tones.

This dress was my absolute favorite. I love the sheer and sparkling bodice and then the cascading purples down to the floor.

Go check out the rest of the collection here: You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things I Want: Opening Ceremony x Levi's Corduroy Suit

Hot off the fashion presses! From the collaboration between Opening Ceremony (which I have to admit has dethroned Barney's as my favorite retail experience) and Levi's... a 3 piece corduroy suit. Amazing! I love corduroy (my Bonobos pants are the most comfortable things ever) and to have shirt, pants, and jacket would be so fantastic. And all in tone-on-tone! And it comes in 7 colorways! I can't wait!

Here's a sneak peak but I am sure we'll get more photos shortly... stay tuned.

More details and photos about the suit here:

Things I Want: The J Crew Catalog

I was recently in J Crew and found some great items in their Men's shop. Some of it seemed a little premature (given it is officially winter) but I was assured that it was part of the Resort collection and not officially S/S 10.
That said, I am tempted to pick these three items up right now!
First is this awesome madras shirt. I love the blend of colors -- it is not as pastel focused and soft as most madras, and could actually be good for winter (in a warmer climate).

Next is this gingham shirt (I kept referring to it as the windowpane shirt). They have this shirt in a smaller gingham pattern as well, but I really liked the large squares and how that scale looked. No surprise that I gravitated towards the blue version, I have a terrible addiction to that color.

Third item... seersucker shorts! I've long been a fan of seersucker (and would one day love to own a suit) and so these looked so great for spring.

Now what you should do is go to the J Crew Men's store online and do a little research ( and then head in-store! Enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I Want: Purple Swatch

Since I just recently wrote about my mission to buy solids, and since I have a thing for bright rubber watches, how could I resist this brilliant color palette from Swatch!

There are twenty different colors, but I think the purple (or Callicarpa as Swatch has named it) is my fav. So cute and would be a really fun accessory for a day out on the town. And at 38 EUR the price can't be beat.

Found these at Acquire ( and the watches are available at colette (