Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I Want: Black watch by Tsovet

After years of rockin' only stripes and patterns and plaids, I have lately be focusing on solids. Today for example I wore a bright pink v-neck sweater with my yellow Nixon watch (you may remember it here).

I also have an affinity for big rubber watches. I have a Diesel one in black, Alessi in blue, and again the Nixon in yellow.

Now the watch below, from Tsovet is not rubber but it is still very cool. I love the black and black face and the silhouetted hands. Very cool indeed + I'll add it to my wish list for the next watch purchase.

You can read more about it from the good people at Selectism:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Want: Converse x Barney's

Funny, I was just looking in my closet the other day and thinking about how I need to filter out some of my sneakers. I have a pair of Converse by John Varvatos that are so old even my college aged brother turns up his nose when I wear them.

And for this Spring what would be more fun than a new pair of Converse, done in collaboration with Barney's (best store ever)! And the nylon upper sounds so cool. Looking at the colorways below I'm thinking either yellow (which was my color for S/S '09) or green (which I have chosen to replace yellow for S/S '10).

You can read more about this fun upcoming release at Hypebeast:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I Want: Peacoat from Dries van Noten F/W 2010

I know I've been posting more about things I 'want' recently than things I 'have'. Well I'm on a bit of a spending freeze from the holidays... so right now it's more about lusting after items than actually acquiring them.

But don't worry, I'm heading to Asia in two weeks and will surely be doing some browsing.

As I've been running through the coverage from the recent men's shows in Milan + Paris there are some definite favorites. I already wrote about Balmain (want those pants!)... another designer I am all about for Fall is Dries van Noten.

I've long been a fan of Dries... and was excited to see that one of my favorite blogs (What I Saw Today) is too! Here is one of the sketches, which just happens to show the toggle coat my good friend John has already requested as an early birthday present.

Now for me, I'm all about this wool peacoat. The length is great, the color is perfect for Fall, and it looks like the usual meticulous Dries tailoring.

GQ is offering many more shots from the show, check them out here:

Things I Want: Balmain F/W 2010

I've really gotten into Balmain the past couple of years, starting with their recent explosion with their women's collection. But their last two men's collections have really started to pull me in.

I especially like the translation of the iconic tough military shoulder from their women's jackets into a piece for men. And I LOVE the kneepad/riding pant design in the look pictured below.

Sign me up for this whole thing!

More to see from the F/W '10 Balmain collection at WWD:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I Want: Red Shoes from Japan!

Okay so I had to take a week from posting because work has been insane! But I am back and with the men's shows last week in Milan, there is a lot to talk about.

But first, and maybe because it's been raining in L.A., I wanted to talk about these suh-weet red shoes from FAT in Japan (quelle surprise, everything cool is Japanese).

As I'm a fan of bold + bright colors, these are perfect for me. I love the rubberized crepe soles and the mid-ankle height. They're not as rain resistant as my Marc Jacobs wellies (see previous post) but are probably more wearable.

Found these bad boys on Hypebeast... FAT Gumbee II.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things I Love: Moncer Gamme Bleu (by Thom Browne)

If you follow me and the things I like, you will not be surprised to see another post about Thom Browne. The man is amazing! And his collaborations with Brooks Brothers (via Black Fleece) and Moncler (through Gamme Bleu) have been such an outstanding melding of his signature style with the character inherent to each of those brands.

And so from Milan, here is a vide of his recent Moncler Gamme Bleu show. I love the artistry of the show -- it's never just models walking down the runway (actually I think last S/S show at the swimming pool was my favorite).

I love the puffy coats with the Thom Browne elements, and I think the gray body suits are a must-have for cold winter nights. Done + done!

Everyone in the fashion blogosphere has been talking about this show, but Hypebeast was the first place I found the video: Moncler Gamme Bleu Winter 2010. You must check it out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I Love: Michael Bastian + Gant

I've long been a fan of Michael Bastian... he creates some outstanding menswear, some of which I've posted here before. And a while back it was announced he would be designing for Gant!

Now I think Gant has been doing some great stuff lately, and they've especially knocked it out of the park with their 60th Anniversary collection. So I cannot wait to see what Michael brings to their label. It will rock!

Here's a preview ad they released, with Mr. Bastian himself...

Read a little bit more courtesty of Fashionista:

Or go directly to the Gant page:

Let's keep our eyes out for some Gant by Michael Bastian!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things I Want: Sweater from Commonwealth Utilities

I first became aware of Commonwealth Utilities because of some work connections... then last season they showed their collection at a barber shop in NY, which I thought was brilliant. Then I tried on a trench coat at Fred Segal and l-o-v-e-d it!

So today I was very excited to see some preview photos for F/W 2010!

Since I recently purchased some fantastic plaid pants at Uniqlo, I think the blue mock-neck sweater below would be a perfect addition!

You can see the rest of the photos courtesy of Hypebeast:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things I Want: Umit Banan S/S 2010

Today everyone seemed to be talking about Umit Banan, with photos of his S/S 2010 collection. And listen, if I could get the jackets + shorts in this photo, I'd be talking too!

Very cool look... the shorts remind me of a Shipley & Halmos pair I tried on last summer. I like that the shorts are short, and the flaps with buttons add a nice touch. The jacket (with the slouchy white tee) has a very light + casual feel and paired with the shorts makes a perfect outdoor dinner party/BBQ outfit!

Please please check out the rest of the collection at:

And you can read a short interview with the designer courtesy of Valet Mag:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I Want: Suede shoes by Jay Kos

I'll add these great shoes by Jay Kos to my Spring wardrobe wish list. As you know I'm a big fan of color -- bright colors, crazy prints, cool patterns. In this case it's the purple and orange and lime green that caught my eye! I could see myself wearing them this summer with shorts, rolled up pants, or even to work with some slacks. I'm in!

I've included a shot here of all colors, and one of what I think are my favs... purple:

You can read more about these super fun shoes at Hypebeast:

Things I Have (almost): GI Glasses

I have been writing a lot lately about eyeglasses. But ever since my trip to the Shanghai eyeglasses market I have been a little obsessed with new + cool frames.

This weekend my friend John took me to a vintage eyeglass store to show me a pair he was interested in... apparently they're called "GI glasses" because it's what the military issued to soldiers during WWII.

Well John and I both tried them on and I thought they rocked! He then told me that he'd seen them on eBay and could get me a pair. Fast forward a few hours and John e-mailed that he'd bought a pack of the frames and they were on their way!

So I don't have them yet, and will then have to get lenses, but I am so excited for these rockin' new specs! Thanks Johnny!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I Want: Matthew Williamson Menswear

So this is my second attempt at posting about Matthew Williamson... last year I re-posted an image from his collab with H&M and was asked to remove it. The collection with H&M was Matthew's first foray into menswear and there were some pretty fun pieces. Although in the end I only took home the beach towel.

Well friends, now there's a menswear collection under Matthew Williamson's own label and from the initial shots I think it's pretty great!

Love the cardigan, the hand-decorated t-shirt, and the bright and beautiful scarf. Amazing!

You can head over to Fashionisto and check out some other images:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things I Want: More Specs!

I know I posted earlier this week about my new (and amazing) white specs that I picked up in Shanghai... but I think I had alluded to there being other styles of glasses I saw at the market which I didn't buy (and am kicking myself now).

Well this morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs (Fashionisto) and saw this photo from a recent photo shoot in Peng magazine... these are the EXACT frames I was looking at in Shanghai, but didn't buy because I was running out of time.

Darn, I am so bummed I didn't get them! I loved the dark blue at the top and the fade to clear going towards the bottom. And the large squarish shape. Fun fun fun.

You can check out the rest of the shoot, featuring some other fun specs, here:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things I Love and Want: Close Up and Private Editorial

So this post falls into two categories that I blog about... things I love and things I want! Through Selectism (which I adore) I came across Close Up and Private, an edtorial done by Sergei Sviatchenko.

Here are a few selects that I particularly liked:

1. In general I've been rockin' the tucked in shirt with no belt look. I sometimes get comments, or strange looks, but there it is. And if it works for you, then go for it!

2. Love the beret with the pink background.

3. These paint splattered paints are awesome! I want a pair! Or I could just get some old buckets of paint and make some myself.

Please go check out the full spread here:

Things I Have: White Specs

Some of you may remember last year when I posted about some h-o-t white specs from Dita.

I later saw them in a store in Seoul and while they were amazing, they were also a bit out of my annual spectacle budget.

Fast forward to last month when I was (again) in Shanghai... I convinced my very kind colleague Jane to take me to the eyeglasses market. Yes, in Shanghai there is a whole street that sells only SPECS!

And there, to my glee (and the excitement of my wallet) I found these beauts:

Now I realize they're not exactly the ones by Dita. But at 1/20th of the price, I am okay with that. And I love them... they're shocking and contrasting and no one quite knows what to make of them.

And I did see another pair at the eyeglasses market that I may need to acquire on my next trip. Stay tuned!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Things I Love: J. Crew

Let me tell you, J. Crew is doing everything right. And their sales numbers prove it! With Mickey Drexler at the helm (and the amaaaaazing Jenna Lyons overseeing Women's) they are rockin' + rollin'.

I love the infusion of collaborated items (Field Notes notebooks, Timex vintage watches). I love the "Jenna's Picks" or "Jack Knows Best" to give some editing and context to a seasonal collection.

This holiday I bought my boyfriend a cashmere sweater from J. Crew... I had done some research and looked around, and I felt that for the price, quality, and cut it was the best deal out there. It looks (and feels) great!

But don't just take my word for it... go check out one of their stores for yourself. Or until you can get there, look at their website:


Things I Have: Alife Sneakers

Looking in my closet, I made a mental note that it was time to rotate in some new sneakers. My Hogans, which I love and wear constantly, are nearing the end of their life. And the rockin' blue espadrilles I bought in France this summer just don't work on a winter day.

Luckily I found some really fun (and comfortable) new kicks at Barney's... on sale and everything. They came with three pairs of laces -- gray (as seen here), aqua (to match the sole), and black. Fun!

I wore these every day during the Christmas holiday and I think they're fantastic.

If you're interested in getting a pair yourself (check out the red ones!):,default,pd.html

Things I Want: J'aime Rodarte Sweatshirt

Those sisters behind Rodarte are growing + growing! They just launched menswear with a few sweaters, being sold at Opening Ceremony (for the low low price of $2400 each).

But there are also a few t-shirts and sweatshirts at Opening Ceremony that make plays on the label's name (RADARTE is a personal fav).

Get me this sweatshirt + it'll keep me warm and smiling this winter...

You can see the other designs here:

Things I Want: Plastic Sunnies by Henry Holland + Linda Farrow

Happy New Year! As a resolution (and some prodding from my brother), I am going to work on blogging more about my finds, my buys, my obsessions related to menswear.

I have some amazing items I recently acquired (white specs from Shanghai, plaid pants from Uniqlo, some hot Alife sneakers)... but that will come when I photograph them.

For now, you must check out the sunnies I want for Spring '10. Saw these today, a collab from Henry Holland and Linda Farrow.

Amazing! Not sure how many colors they'll come in but I could totally rock green.

Picked up the news here: stay tuned!