Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flamingo Sweatshirt from WAW: Things I Want

Recently came across a new line of tees, tanks, and sweatshirts from a brand called WAW Like Our Grannies Made Them. Now, I can't quite admit to being clear on the name... although it might have something to do with the fact that instead of screen printing all of the objects are embroidered. Just like your Granny used to do!

My favorite from the small collection was this flamingo on a black sweatshirt. Simple, great color contrast, and something not a lot of folks would wear.

The pieces (only 100 of each style) are slated to go live today, so head over here to see 'em all!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Calder Trunks from Onia: Things I Have

I recently did my annual swimsuit review for Summer 2013, and while it had some great entries, it was definitely not exhaustive. Shortly after posting it I came across these Pocket Swimmers from Owner Operator that I loved. I also had the chance to see Onia's release for summer, which included an amazing digitized paisley and a range of bright + vibrant solids.

To that end, the kind folks at Onia sent me a pair of their Calder trunk, so I could give it a try as I head out for Memorial Day weekend. It arrived with three different sizes of plastic sleeves, allowing me a way to transport it wet and to fold it down to almost playing card size for easy packing.

The Calder comes in a range of colors but I went for Azure... since I normally gravitate towards navy I felt this was a nice change and a little brighter for summer.

I also chose the 5" short, although it also comes in a 7.5" and 10", if you like it a little longer.

Check out the rest of their offerings here, and I'll keep you posted with pics of me wearing these in over the summer!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uniqlo x Michael Bastian Polo Shirts: Things I Have

I'd been waiting for yesterday to arrive ever since the collaboration between Uniqlo  and Michael Bastian was announced. May 20 was the release date for the polo shirts the designer had done with the Japanese retailer. In a seemingly endless combination of colors, prints, and styles -- and all for $19.90 -- I knew I had to stock up for summer.

While scanning the perfectly stocked shelves at Uniqlo on 5th Avenue, I was impressed with the small tweaks and attention to detail. One style had pearl buttons and chest stitching for a "western" look; another was a series of v-necks with striped collars. 

These are the three I picked up yesterday, but Selectism has photos of (most) of the overall options, for your perusal. And Uniqlo has a somewhat limited selection that you can purchase online

Listen, you're getting Michael Bastian's expert eye and design aesthetic at a great price, so grab a few of these + enjoy them this summer!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Seersucker Tie + Pocket Square from Aunt Di's Ties: Things I Have

With Memorial Day around the corner it's time to start dusting off the seersucker. Well, for the rest of you at least. I don't abide by the timed rules on when to wear it, so as soon as the sun starts shining in Spring, mine comes out.

But... if you're just getting ready to don your lightweight fabrics, I have some great news in the accessory department. I just received an amazing green seersucker tie and pocket square from Aunt Di's ties. 

Opening the package I could smell the starched goodness and feel the crips texture of the fabric... and it made me think of summer. 

I'm super excited to give these a wear! Get over to their site and check out what else is on offer... or make a special request for your own seersucker goodness.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Surf Ivy Tee from Beams Plus: Things I Want

Surfing and loafers... what's not to love. Via the recently announced collaborations between Mr. Porter and global brands comes this rockin' t-shirt from Beams Plus.

The collection for the retailer is called Surf Ivy (appropriate) and features a small selection of tees, chino shorts, and shirts.

You can get more info from the folks at Selectism, or directly from Mr. Porter.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Todd Snyder x Seavees Sneakers: Things I Want

Todd Snyder is on a roll... each of his collections is better than the last, he had a collab at the Gap last year (creating the only pair of cargo pants I'd be willing to wear), and an upcoming partnership with athletic wear brand Champion.

So it's not a surprise that I want his latest release -- sneakers, produced with Seavees. The low sneaker (below) is covered in gray jersey, and I'm obsessed with the thick leather laces.
Evoking a bout in the boxing ring, I can easily see wearing these with khakis on a casual Friday, or for a ride in the park. Very cool -- and limited edition, so snatch them up now!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer 2013: Swimsuit Review

Well it's time for my annual swimsuit review. Where I take a look at what's out there, make a short list to share with y'all, and then pick one of them to wear this summer. Putting my picks together I realized I can't stay away from something loud and colorful -- so get ready for what's to come.

First up are the High Tides from Bonobos. These were an Americana inspired standout -- 5" length and with a variety of white, blues, and reds.

While continuing my search I found these eye-catching trunks at Continuing with the dot pattern he used for his Spring collection, Jonathan Saunders green and yellow design, while pricey, are fantastic.

Ever since meeting one of the founders of Aloha Sunday last year in Palm Springs, I've been taken with both the brands they carry and their private label offerings. The Manitou trunk contains a few irresistible favorites -- seersucker and anchors. Preppy trappings done in a cool and wearable way.
Over at Opening Ceremony were these contrasting gingham shorts from Frank's. Looked to me like someone took a picnic tablecloth and spilled yellow paint on it. And I think it works!

The last pick for my review is another nautical piece -- these shocking yellow sailboat board shorts from Club Monaco. Again tying back to my love for all things nautical, and in a favorite color of mine, these will definitely make a statement poolside.
Stay tuned to see which of these I take home -- and for pics of me rockin' them this summer!