Friday, April 27, 2012

Striped Seersucker Jacket from Black Fleece: Things I Have

I already wrote this week about my new Black Fleece duffel, which I can't wait to start using this summer. Well while I was buying it, a jacket caught my eye, that I had to try on...  blue and white stripe, in a really subtle cotton seersucker. The puckering is really just on the white stripe, not the whole piece, which I like.

Mother of pearl buttons, great lining... all of the details you expect from Mr. Browne + Brooks Brothers. 

I tried it on, it fit perfectly, and I knew I was buying it... fantastic tailoring, it has a strong shoulder seam, and high armholes, plus the back is pinned just enough that it doesn't billow. Perfect. 

Here it is from the Black Fleece site:

Of course I wore it the very next day... paired with a navy, white, and red striped tie. I liked the result!

Check out more info on this jacket, and see the rest of the Spring collection!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Striped Tee by A.P.C.: Things I Want

It's almost May and the build-up of my summer wardrobe continues. I came across this striped tee from A.P.C. on Mr. Porter and loved the shock of color.

A nice variety of stripes (especially the big yellow block) that allow this to be worn with any combo of jeans, shorts, swimsuits this summer.

Definitely on my want list!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Duffel from Black Fleece: Things I Have

I've been thinking lately about all of my upcoming summer travel, and that I don't really have a good bag to take on a weekend trip. Sure, I have a Tumi roller bag, and I have an extra-large duffel from Osklen (that could fit four bodies), but nothing I can just throw some things in and go.

Last weekend I visited the Brooks Brothers store in Georgetown and saw a fantastic bag from Black Fleece. It's their Macintosh Duffel in either khaki or navy (no decision there), with Thom Browne's traditional red, white, and blue stripe in leather on the side. 

I waited until I got back to NYC and then went to the Bleecker Street store on Saturday to pick it up!

It's the perfect size for a few days away, has a great lining, convenient side pocket, and comes with a shoulder strap. Here it is when I got it home...

And from the Brooks Brothers site, where you can better see how much it holds!

Head over + check it out, as well as the other great accessories Black Fleece is offering for Spring.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cashmere Sweawters from Drumhor: Fall Press Preview

Yesterday I went to the Fall Press Preview for Exposure and m5, repping a number of (mostly European) menswear brands. There were some great pieces from John Smedley, Boglioli, Save Khaki, and more. But what I really fell in love with was the cashmere from Drumohr.

Founded in Scotland in 1770 the brand did some really great knits for Fall, including it seems, a collaboration with Nick Wooster. Those were (unsurprisingly) some of my favorites.

Here, a basic nautical crew cable knit (apparently gleaned from the company's rich archives). I'm a sucker for navy, and the white stripe offset is nice and simple.

Taking the same stripe but changing up the color, I was totally into the green and pink. Fun and stands out without being too much.

Then from the main collection, this amazing yellow double-breasted sweater. Amazing -- again, in a color I can't stay away from. And as you know I can't stop wearing my Unis double-breasted sweater jacket, so this piece fits right in.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Drumohr come Fall -- in the meantime you can find some of their Spring collection at Yoox.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunrise Loafers from Osborn Studio: Things I Want

I'm obviously on  a kick to ready my summer wardrobe... because when I saw these loafers from Osborn Studio I knew they'd fit right in. 

The yellow Riviera Club sweatshirt, a new pair of swim trunks, and these cotton silk screened shoes would be a great poolside look.

With the sun, palm tree, and water motif these lightweight slip-ons are perfect for warm weather + definitely add a little kick.

Check them out at Need Supply... 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer 2012: Swimsuit Review

It's that time of year... the annual swimsuit hunt. I had started looking a few weeks ago, compiling in my mind the list of suits I liked, and thought I'd do a little share. 

I normally have a few guidelines -- has to be a box cut, no Speedos, and nothing too long (my Osklen board shorts being the lone exception). So here are a few I've seen that I am considering for the season...

First up is this pair from Saturdays Surf, their Ennis boardshort. I popped into their store recently and really liked this two-toned look. Not too long, subtle colors, and easy to wear in and out of the pool.

Another option I am looking at is the J. Crew Portofino Trunk. This one is in their "tidal stripe" and the 5" length is perfect for me. Also appreciate the side pocket for phone, keys or other accessories... as long as I don't forget the phone is in there, which happened last summer!
Who is not talking about Orlebar Brown these days. They are everywhere, and in a good way! Bringing great shorts that can be worn on the beach or on a hike, in a variety of lengths and colors. They also did a great collab with Nick Wooster

I'm a big fan of their Setter, which is another 5", and how could I not jump at the bright yellow ones. So good!

As you know, I can't stay away from prints no matter how hard I try. From Peruvian produced  brand Olasul comes the Geo Blue 5" short that I am totally drawn to! Nice length, quick drying, and some eye-catching goodness. 

I couldn't resist a look at these seersucker shorts from Thom Browne for Black Fleece. I tried these on yesterday and not only did they fit really well, they have the Thom Browne details like mother of pearl buttons, black silk buttons on the waist, and an overall elegance about them. But it's a swimsuit... that I could wear with a bowtie!

I've been drooling over Burberry Prorsum's Spring collection and when I saw these vinyl shorts at Bloomingdales I was smitten. Another print heavy option, and something that will standout. I liked the subtle black and white patterned background with the yellow and blues popping out over it.

Stay tuned for me to share which of these suits I end up with (or perhaps mutiple!) for some summer fun!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yellow Sweatshirt from Riviera Club: Things I Want

I recently went to have a re-see at Southern California based label Riviera Club's Fall offerings... more on that soon, there are some great things there.

But while I was cruising around I saw a few Spring items and one that definitely caught my eye. This yellow sweatshirt, with what I can only call a boatneck (or, it's-been-sitting-on-a-hanger-too-long-neck). 

Between the softened color, the super soft material, and that wide neck I could definitely see this as an addition to my beach bag. 

Riviera Club calls this the Mira Mar and also agree this is "the kind of sweatshirt that you can live in.". Check it out on their site!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nautical Sweatshirt from Robinson Les Bains: Things I Want

I can never stay away from anything remotely nautical... anchors + ropes are my downfall. So when I saw this sweatshirt from Robinson Les Bains I wanted it immediately.

A great rope pattern on navy, with contrasting sleeves, and white-tipped collar and cuffs this is a great piece.

It's an Editor's Pick on Park & Bond, where Josh Peskowitz echoed my thoughts: "... no sweatshirt says 'I've been on the water' quite like this one...". 

This would be a welcome addition to my rope shorts, anchor sweatshirt from APC, and assorted other nautical items already in my closet!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Snap Cardigan Sweatshirt from American Giant: Things I Have

Last week I had the chance to meet with the folks from American Giant, a San Francisco based label that is tapping into the resurgence of domestically made goods. Wholly produced in Northern California, they launched with an offering of sweatshirt styles, all in an effort to create the "next level of well made American sportswear", according to the company's founder.

The nexus of American Giant is delivering high quality basics that can be had for a fair price. Given the opportunity to touch and feel the crewneck, hoodie, and snap cardigan pieces I was really impressed with the quality of the material (14.8 oz cotton). There were also some fantastic design details such as ribbed side panels and twill elbow patches.

Having recently acquired my father's old Russell sweatshirt, the one I always remember him wearing as a child, it was great to see the American Giant crewneck evoked that true basic look and feel.

And I was thrilled to receive one of their snap cardigans in the mail -- complete with an American flag sticker to reinforce the Made in the USA message.

The snap cardigan is a fantastic piece, and I wore it all weekend long (and received a lot of compliments). With the ribbed side panels it fits me perfectly. With the thickness of it, I wore it just over a t-shirt and was plenty warm.

Right now you can only get the American Giant goods on their own site (it's another way they keep prices low). I definitely recommend you go check it out -- and stay tuned for more news to come on this brand.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Saturdays Surf x Porter Tote: Things I Want

This past weekend I was cruising around SoHo and stopped into Saturdays Surf. I'm a big fan of the space, and of the brand, and the guys have been getting a lot of (deserved) press these days. Plus they just opened a store in Japan! 

While I was drinking my espresso I ran into Richard Haines, the venerable fashion illustrator who in addition to projects with the NY Times and J Crew, runs the What I Saw Today blog.

Moving on through the store, I came across the bags they did in collaboration with Porter. If you regularly read me, you'll know I am a Porter fanatic... so imagine my reaction to these totes.

They come in four colors and have a great waterproof snap top, so it's ready for beach use. A fantastic bag and one I hope to be using this summer!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Watch from Hamilton: Things I Have

I have been thinking for a while now that I need a new watch. The past few months I've been wearing a trusty Timex with a yellow band. Eye catching and simple, but lacking a certain sophistication.

I'd thought a few times about the vintage Rolex offerings on Park & Bond, and had asked a few friends about sourcing one directly from eBay.

Then this week GQ put out a list of must-have accessories -- bag, tie clip, glasses, watch. For a timepiece they suggested a Hamilton watch, a brand I admittedly was not familiar with. But perusing their website I really liked the Thin-O-Matic with a 60's design influence, a brown croc band, and a hefty 42 mm face.

I reached out to my friend (and watch aficionado) Jeff, who gave me a rundown on Hamilton's history (started in the U.S. 120 years ago, now owned and made in Switzerland). 

With Jeff's endorsement I found the Thin-O-Matic from an online vendor, and had it in my hands (and on my wrist) the very next day. 

I'm thrilled with having a proper watch and can't wait to wear in and soften the band, and get some good mileage out of it!