Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoes from BucketFeet: Things I Want

This morning I was catching up on my Refinery29 reading and came across a cool new shoe company that brings together artists, philanthropy, and fun footwear.

While they don't operate the same model as Tom's, BucketFeet does make a charitable donation for each purchased pair of shoes. And what draws you into buying the shoes is the great artwork they're created with. A lot of really fun + poppy colors and prints.

My favorite is Bamboo in yellow and green...

Check out the website for more (awesome) designs and learn more about this (awesome) new company.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plaid Vinyl Tote: Things I Have

In the "high/low" accessory contest, this definitely falls on the low side. But I love it. Today while in a Buenos Aires supermarket, I came across these great bags. In a variety of colors and patterns (I bought this one and a red/white striped version), it will become my grocery, beach, errands tote.

Was really into the patterns, the small handles, and the very "local" nature of the totes... including the "made in Argentina" tag at the top.

Supermarket chic!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pierre Hardy Tote Bag: Things I Want

Currently traveling in South America and it's weird to be ahead of NY for a change... so instead of perusing millions of tweets this morning, there were just a few. And one of them was from Hypebeast, which led me to my newest source of salivation.

I totally love Pierre Hardy's geometric pattern -- on shoes, wallets, and now on this awesome tote bag.

Not much else I need to describe my lust for this... pretty self-explanatory I think!

Hypebeast sends you to a Japanese online store where the bag can be yours for only 90,000 Yen. Or about 4500 Argentian Pesos. Or 1000 USD.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Editorial from Oki-ni: Things I Love

I totally fell in love with this Oki-ni editorial when I saw it today on Coute que Coute. The whole mood feels like Spring: the lighting, the model sitting in the window, the shorts and sandals. Very well styled and shot and it got me in the mood for Saturday evening barbeques and walking around empty streets on a Sunday afternoon.

It also helps that some of my favorite labels are shown... Band of Outsiders, Kitsune, Thom Browne, Jil Sander. The list goes on!

Below is my favorite look: some Kitsune shorts with a Band of Outsiders shirt. Love it!

If you didn't already get this from my raving above, you must check out the rest of the shots!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Raf Simons Hightops: Things I Want

Yes, yes, another shoe post. But it is a) a hightop and b) Raf. I mean, come on!

Really into the color and fabric and the double velcro at the top. The quilting on the top of the heel is also pretty cool. But of course what pulls it all together is the Raf simplicity and utility. In my anguish over the end of his men's line, I will take anything + everything that I can find from him.

Courtesy of the good folks at Highsnobiety, check out more shots (and another style) there.

Suit from Frankie Morello: Things I Love

I have always been drawn to bright things. Color, patterns, pop -- I love it all. So this morning I came across this campaign for Frankie Morello and just couldn't take my eyes off this bright floral suit.

And by suit I mean... shirt, tie, jacket, pants all the same print. It's kind of insane + kind of genius. I want the whole look! While definitely something you couldn't do season after season, pieces of this ensemble could be re-purposed with dark jeans or a white shirt.

I'm definitely a fan! Go to The Fashionisto to check out the rest of the new campaign...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Commes des Garcons Pouch: Things I Have

With all of my travel, I decided I needed something to hold all of my essentials... passport, phone(s), iPod, etc. Initially I was just using my Cathay Pacific business class amenity kit (I mean, it was designed by Agnes B.) but it just didn't feel right.

So this week I picked up a great pouch from Comme des Garcons. Brown leather. My favorite pattern. And I love it! Just used it from LA to Sao Paulo and it perfectly fit everything, was easy to grab out of my bag, and stylish to boot.

I picked mine up at Opening Ceremony, which has a great selection of CdG products.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canvas Dyed Tote Bag: Things I Want

I can never turn down a great tote bag. There are about five on my "want" list right now, and this half-dyed canvas one below will make it six.

From Paris label Teddyfish, I just loved the functionality of canvas and the eye-catching red dye. Perfect bag for Spring!

You can read more at Kempt (including how this bag is, sadly, currently sold out).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seersucker Shirt from Weathered: Things I Have

On my recent trip to Sydney I did a little shopping. One day in Paddington I came across this fantastic store Incu. They stocked my favorite brands... Band of Outsiders, Warriors of Radness, Eastpak, Topman. And they had some great Australian brands too!

One of the items I purchased was this great short-sleeve seersucker shirt from the label Weathered. Really liked the slim fit, the refined seersucker, and that it will work in the upcoming Spring/Summer months in L.A.

Excited to start wearing this new addition to my wardrobe. Incu also offers online shopping, check out their full site!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gilt MANual Minute: Things I Love

I'm a big fan of Gilt, and the offerings they have on the men's side. Cannot wait for the launch of their full-priced menswear... and then more recently I've totally been into Gilt MANual, their guide for all things men need to know. Styling tips, grooming tips, drinking tips.

The most recent addition though is probably the most fun -- the MANual Minute. Taking advice for men one step further, the Minute is hosted by the affable + knowledgeable Josh Peskowitz.

Check out the first one below:

And of course head over to Gilt MANual for more!