Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweater with Leather Sleeves from Givenchy: Things I Want

This may be a little off the reservation for some of you, and perhaps I'm drawn to it because of my interest in Riccardo Tisci and the fantastic stuff he's been doing at Givenchy...

But whatever it is, I'm all about this crewneck sweater with leather sleeves. I like the relative simplicity of the body, in wool, with the contrast coming from the sleeve. And not just the different material, but the length of the sleeve helps it stand out (between you and me, the proportion of the sleeve was a selling point).

Once the weather actually drops to wear you can wear this, I say jump on it!

You can get Selectism's opinion here too (in case you were curious). But then go to SSense and buy it!

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saidthefoodie said...

Matt I want this too! love the leather combo