Monday, May 24, 2010

Ombre Denim Shirt: Things I Want

I guess this is me jumping on the color-dipped bandwagon that seems to be everywhere right now. But I really liked this denim shirt from Opening Ceremony -- it's a classic shirt with a fun (but still subtle) twist.

Of course given my penchant for color, I wouldn't mind if the bottom was a bright yellow fade... but that's me.

As is this shirt is great to pair with some shorts, roll up the sleeves, and head to the beach. Or I'd wear it to work with my APC khakis.

Here's the link to Opening Ceremony, where all of your ombre desires can be met:

Pray for Fashion: Things I Love

I think this sketch speaks for itself!

Another brilliant creation from What I Saw Today:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rich Magazine's First Issue: Things I Love

One of the blogs I read, Coute Que Coute, always finds amazing fashion spreads from magazines around the world. This one, from the first issue of Rich Magazine in Japan, I thought was so compelling and touched on such a variety of themes.

From the life sized pearls, to the glittery Balmain-esque jacket, the shots were so well styled and really intriguing.

Below I've included a couple of my favorites. The whole hat series was awesome but I particularly liked the mask (is that Lucille Ball?) with the bowler hat (and one mouse ear), and the glossy red lips of the model.

And here I loved the color, the fabric, the draping...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steven Alan x Keds: Things I Want

Who would have thought I would ever want another pair of Keds? They are shoes for kids... or are they? On a recent collab with Steven Alan, some pretty great designs have been produced and I would love to get my hands on some.

The blue and gray chambray (shown below) are great for their simplicity and contrasting rubber sole. But I think the other two (navajo inspired? and really, this navajo resurgence has been going on for a while now) are more up my alley...

But whether you prefer the simple or the colorful, these shoes are great for casual wear (and a casual price!)... check out Selectism with more info.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I Love: Bangles from Kate Spade

I really enjoy the Kate Spade aesthetic (and I've long been a fan of Jack Spade's wares for men)... it is full of colors and stripes and fun patterns and a simple yet classic design.

Yesterday I laughed aloud at a tweet from the KS team about going to play kickball in Central Park against the staff at MOMA...

Now today I read about these hilarious bangles the Kate Spade team has made, in homage to the Beastie Boys song "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn". Love it!

My girlfriends better watch out, they may be getting these for Christmas. Here's a link to read more:

Now they just need to do a bangle about a Bangles song... "Manic Monday" anyone?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I Want: Doppelganger edition!

The label Unis just released their S/S 2010 Lookbook and I immediately thought two things: first, the model on the bicycle looks like me, in an outfit I would wear, and with something similar to my glasses; second, does it start to become difficult to differentiate between Unis and Company of We and J. Crew?

Either way, I dig the canvas jacket, which seems like a great length for Spring days or Summer evenings. And I am still searching for some new shorts, and like the look (and length) of the ones pictured here.

Go to Hypebeast and check out the rest of their post, including more photos:

Ride on my friend, ride on!

Things I Want: Canvas Sneakers from Australia

I know I recently posted about the Clae sneakers I ordered from Gilt (which have yet to arrive)... but I saw these canvas sneakers from Australia (being offered at Steven Alan) and I mean, they are so different from the green mesh pair I have coming. I can definitely do both!

I am digging the simplicity of these shoes, with the blue trim. But honestly what stood out to me is what seem like an exaggerated front toe. The rubber up there seems to be bulkier and it has an accentuated curve to it. Caught my eye!

Here's the link to buy them from Steven Alan (and check out his shirts while you are there):

But what led me to these shoes is a guy's summer shoe review by Refinery 29:

Happy reading!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I Want: T-Shirt from Olasul

Today one of my favorite sites (Selectism) posted about a new surf inspired line (yes, yes, I know... I am surf crazy right now) from NYC called Olasul.

They have some really great trunks and shorts for summer, and a t-shirt design that I think is new + different. The washed look of the shirt keeps it casual, but the contrasting colored pocket really stands out.

I loved the photo from the lookbook, where they've paired it all with some navy espadrilles (which I just happened to have picked up in France last summer).

Here is another look at the shirt... very cool!

Read the whole article at Selectism: and also check out the brand's own site: Olasul.

Things I Have: Warriors of Radness T-Shirt

I've thought Warriors of Radness has rocked ever since they launched the line... bright blocks of color, very sun + surf oriented, and simple designs.

This week on Gilt I picked up a t-shirt and some new swim trunks (I'll share more about those later). The items are both in the mail, but I thought I'd share a photo from the Gilt site of the t-shirt. I love it! Perfect for summer (even though I don't surf).

Check out the rest of the WOR sale at: Rock on!