Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Julius Boot from Peter Nappi: Things I Want

There is a lot of discussion in menswear about local production and about craftmanship, and so when I was recently pointed in the direction of Peter Nappi leathergoods, I was definitely blown away.

Working in a studio in Nashville, the current iteration of the brand was launched by Phillip, the grandson of Peter Nappi, who had been a shoemaker himself.

When I first started looking at both the boots and bags on offer, it was truly breathtaking to even visually see the level of quality and craftmanship. And I was immediately drawn to the Julius boot.

The construction of the Julius was a big sell -- I liked the long toe, the subtle seam between the upper and the sole, and the height of the boot. This style comes in three colors, and my preference is for the Bitter Chocolate.

Until I get to Nashville myself to see the goods in person, I'll just keep drooling over the photos, and keeping these boots high on my Things I Want list. And until you get there too, I highly recommend checking out the full website: Peter Nappi.

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