Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Series on Leather Craftsmen: Lotuff & Clegg

I was recently fortunate enough to be sitting with Joe Lotuff, of the leather goods company Lotuff & Clegg, for what was an all too brief 45 minutes (the brevity was my fault).

In that time though I learned so much about the New England brand, that Joe's passion for the craftsmanship and product definitely rubbed off. We discussed the way in which the cow hide is inspected for quality, how Lotuff & Clegg looks to use large swatches of leather versus stitching together two smaller ones, and how the rounded edge finishing is done by hand (no small feat) by a leather artisan. I also learned about how the leather is treated, without the use of chromium, to create the right texture and patina. While this takes additional time, it is something that Joe felt was part of the brand's integrity.

The design of each piece, and how that design may evolve, was another fascinating point of discussion. Lotuff & Clegg focuses on the functionality of each product, and design oriented additions should enhance that function. This was evidenced in the extra long zipper on a duffle bag, which allows for the bag to be fully opened. Joe also shared that through customer feedback they are able to make adjustments to a design, improving both its function and appeal.

The Leather Lock Briefcase

While the conversation focused on the brand in general, there was also this beautiful brand new leather briefcase in front of me, which required a lot of inspection! It was the Leather Lock Briefcase, in black, and I have to say I fell in love. It was so evident that all of the elements Joe had discussed: craftsmanship, detailing, design were all there.

The handle, designed to fit your hand just right

Close up of the hardware and the pebbling of the leather

Inside, with pockets, pen holders, and a zipped pouch

The briefcase, in all its glory

Now while I saw (and covet) the briefcase, Lotuff & Clegg had a wide offering... and from what it sounds like, their popularity is causing a bit of a wait list! So get over to their site, and check out the totes, portfolios, and other pieces you will definitely love (and own for a lifetime).


Food Biker said...
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Food Biker said...

When Food Biker takes off, this is absolutely the bag that I want to be carrying into a boardroom meeting. The detail on that bag is just beautiful.