Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I Have: Vintage Sunnies

I picked these up at the Nice (France) flea market for 10 EUR.  They are so awesome -- from the color bands (blue, white, red) to the bendable metal hooks that loop behind your ears.

Such a great find... these sunnies are the perfect accessory!

Things I Have: Goyard

Two years ago I treated myself to a new wallet... the amazing Goyard Credit Card Holder. It rocks!

This brand has blown up in the past few years. I love it because it's not as identifiable as LV but those who know it, know it.

Things I Have: Krane Design

I love bags (see earlier post) and can't stop from buying them! Last Spring I decided to upgrade the ugly vinyl laptop bag I had to something I actually wanted to carry through the airport.

And voila -- Fred Segal Santa Monica obliged with these amazing bags from Krane. It is a waxed canvas with leather handles and a very sturdy construction. In goes my laptop, the latest issues of Monocle and Gourmet, passport, and some protein bars.

Check out their Spring '09 collection on their newly redesigned website: www.kranedesign.com

Things I Want: Glemaud Cardigan

I love clothes in bright colors, stripes, checks, plaids. My friend John knows that when we shop I will beeline right to the stripes... it's an affliction.

That said, check out Victor Glemaud's S/S '09 collection & tell me you don't want this fantastic cardigan. Perfect for warm weather and the colorful stripes help you stand out in a crowd!

Check it out: http://www.glemaud.com/

Things I Have: Bonobos

The most comfortable (and stylish) pants I own.... Bonobos! The linings are bright & loud, the fabric is soft, and the cut is amazing.

I get more compliments on these things then anything else I wear. And the guys who own the company rock too!

Do yourself a favor and get a pair (or three): http://www.bonobos.com/

Things I Want: Mulberry Tote

One of the first things you should know about me... I'm a bag whore. I have more totes, satchels, weekenders, duffels than I know what to do with. It is an obsession.

So of course I am all about this piece from Mulberry! It is fantastic -- great size, nice short handles (so the bag doesn't drag on the ground).

Get it!