Friday, December 31, 2010

Smythson Leather Notebook: Things I Have

In what seems like an oxymoronic product offering, Smythson (the storied English stationer) has created a small notebook embossed with the word "Recessionista". Now, it just so happens that I am on the hunt for a small leather notebook... and this one, despite it's humourous messaging, fit the bill.

Of course I have plenty of notebooks, but nothing that is compact enough to fit in my bag for those moments when you're inspired and need to write something down! This delivery from Smythson accomplishes that. I was of course drawn to the Fuschia leather. The tongue-in-cheek sentiment on the front just made me smile.

I picked mine up at colette (yes another Paris purchase), but they're now on sale at the Smythson website. Check out the rest of their fun pieces!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Damir Doma Infinity Jacket: Things I Want

I really like Damir Doma's draping and sheaths and wraparound pieces... there is an implied comfort in being cocooned but also an edginess and sophistication in the construction.

Recently an e-mail popped in from LN-CC about their site's sale -- and I noticed Doma was listed as one of the designers on offer. So I went over and found this amazing infinity jacket. Now the Pound to Dollar conversion is not the most agreeable, so I'm not sure I can make this mine just yet. But I love it!

Check out the rest of the Damir Doma pieces on sale at LN-CC:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Forage Plaid Bowtie: Things I Have

Bowties. This holiday season I have doubled the number that I own! In addition to the great Carrot & Gibbs tie from my Mom, I received this fantastic Forage tie from my good friend Jamie.

I wasn't familiar with Forage before, but from their website it seems they do a lot of vintage inspired ties. And the Forage brand is connected to a great group called "Something's Hiding in Here" that features a lot of quirky & fun products.

This tie is perfect for Spring -- lightweight and a great green/yellow plaid. I can't wait to try it out at a garden cocktail party.

You must check out their other ties -- the 1940's yellow plaid is also pretty sweet!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bowtie from Carrot & Gibbs: Things I Have

One of my Christmas gifts was a bow tie... but not just any bow tie, it is a bright paisley number that has buttons to adjust the size and is made in Boulder, Colorado. Tres bien!

From Carrot & Gibbs, this tie is a great addition to my growing collection and definitely has more pop than anything else I have.

I wasn't familiar with Carrot & Gibbs until now but their website has a great selection of their wares, plus tips on how to tie your tie and a list of historical figures who favored this particular piece of neckwear.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Supra Hightops: Things I Want

Bring on the hightops! I just keep finding pairs I love and until my budget allows me to stock up on Pierre Hardy and Lanvin, I think Supra may just be the perfect thing.

While in Paris (I'm now sadly en route back Stateside) I ran across a shop called Black Rainbow, in the Marais. It was totally my kind of space: minimal, stocked with Bathing Ape, decks, and some great high tops.

These babies from their holiday collection totally caught my eye. I really like Supra's back panel around the heel and the side detail. And all of their shoes were around 100 EUR. Can't go wrong!

So now I love Supra (check them out here) but I also had to investigate this Black Rainbow. Turns out their shop on Rue des Archives is just one facet of the company... they are also a creative agency, design their own collections, and operate an online store and blog. Boom!

Stay tuned for more on Supra, and if you can tell me more about Black Rainbow, I'd love to hear it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leather Espadrilles: Things I Have

Okay so it may be cold and rainy in Paris, but I now cannot wait for summer. I just bought some leather espadrilles!

Two summers ago, in the South of France, I bought a pair of espadrilles for 5 EUR. I've worn them constantly since then and as a result have worn them out. So I knew I'd need to pick up a new pair before warm weather arrives...

Then today I was walking through the Marais and saw a shoe repair shop with espadrilles stacked in the window. I went in and of course bought a new pair of canvas ones, but they also had some in leather.

They are amazing! Can't wait to rock them out on the beach!

Tweed Hat by Flechet: Things I Have

I'm not normally a big wearer of hats -- I have two, one black wool (from Agnes B) for winter and a brimmed hat from Engineered Garments that I wear in the summer. But the other day I was at BHV in Paris and saw this amazing tweed hat.

Sure I felt a bit like I was in "Newsies", but it fit me perfectly and it's made in France by a Parisian brand started in 1859.

The brand, Flechet, was begun by Gabriel Flechet in 1859 and at one point had 700 employees. I liked the idea of not only supporting local industry but also that this can be my new cold weather hat. The wool is thick and warm and perfect for winter days in the city.

Here's a little more info, If you want to know about Flechet (en francais).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kitsune x James Heeley Candle: Things I Have

I'm committed to leaving Paris the way I came -- with carry-on baggage. So my purchases must be small + selective. Last night I popped into colette, the ever cool concept store that was packed with people clamoring for last minute gifts.

I saw some amazing things (loved a short sweater vest by Henry Holland), and they had a fantastic display upstairs for Christopher Kane.

But I decided on walking away with just a couple of small items, one of which was this candle done by Kitsune in collaboration with perfumer James Heeley. It's mint scented, which I found to be really refreshing, and I loved the sophisticated subtlety of the black glass.

Kitsune is all over the place these days with fantastic collaborations, so it was great to see one more. And great to see colette supporting fellow French labels.

The colette website is where you can find out more info on the candle collab, but be warned, you will start drooling at all of the other items they have on offer.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thom Browne in Wonderland: Things I Love

So this *might* be my second Thom Browne related post of the week, but don't judge. The man is just kind of amazing. And this shoot for Wonderland is such a perfect expression of Browne's character and aesthetic. I'm only slightly obsessed...

Although I can't decide which I prefer between the sharp black & white shots with paper hats and masks, or the glossly colorful ones.

I've written in the past about this collection and how much I love the infusion of nautical icons. I also think the sequined plaid jacket is brilliant. Browne took one of his mainstay prints and the sequin monster just threw up all over it. I love it.

You must go to The Fashionisto and check out the full editorial.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moncler Gamme Bleu Padded Blazer: Things I Want

File this one under: When I win Powerball. I am of course a Browne-ophile (of course meaning those who have long obsessed over Thom Browne). And I've already written on how his collaborations with Moncler really do marry together the best attributes of both brands. Such a great extension, and one that I feel has also really lifted both of them.

Now comes this padded blazer which is just fantastic. Navy (a Browne go-to color), with the signature Moncler padded stitching and right shoulder emblem.

As I head to Paris this weekend I think this is one piece that would definitely make it's way into my bag. But alas, I'll just have to lust after it for now...

Check out a few more shots at Selectism!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Florsheim by Duckie Brown Wingtips: Things I Want

There are a pair of Gucci loafers I've had for almost 8 years. They are by far my favorite shoes and I continually take them into my local shoe repair to get them cleaned or re-soled. Sam (the owner of said shoe repair) warns me that one day he won't be able to fix them and I will have to just replace these amazing loafers that I've walked in all over the world.

So in an attempt to see what could be a viable replacement, I've started scouting shoes. I recently came across some items from the Florsheim by Duckie Brown collaboration, and have to say there were some good options! I've always enjoyed Duckie Brown's collections for their own label and their work with Florsheim is a great extension of that.

Of everything I saw, these laceless wings were my favorite. They come in a variety of colors but I'm partial to navy. I really like the detailing, keeping these like a traditional wingtip. But then they've left out the laces and put in an elastic tongue, which I think gives the shoe that subtle design pop.

You really should check out the rest of the collection (the brogues were also pretty awesome), here at the dedicated Florsheim by Duckie Brown website. Happy shoe hunting!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hayashi x Vans Hightops: Things I Want

Another pair of shoes for me to salivate over. Feeding into my ongoing obsession with hightops comes this collaboration between Japanese artist Taka Hayashi and Vans.

I love the mix of materials (the leather outer piece really makes the whole shoe). The additional details are also really nice -- the loop on the top (which always helps me pull the shoe on), the design on the toe, and the texture on the leather piece.

Well done for Vans and a great item I'd love to add to my closet!

Check it out here on Hypebeast!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tweed Coat by Billy Reid: Things I Want

I guess I'm going to be on a Billy Reid kick this week. It is all because of the shop Bloomingdale's created for his wares... everything appealed to me!

I've already written about the Levi's x Billy Reid wool coat I bought. What I didn't tell you was that I was equally tempted by this awesome tweed sports coat.

I tried it on over and over, finally putting it on hold. But alas, I did not go back to make it mine. Yet.

The coat had great construction, fit me perfectly through the shoulders and wasn't too boxy (a dilemma I often face). I loved the warmth and roughness of the tweed. And for an added bonus, I loved the colorful striped lining. This is a piece I could easily put into frequent rotation!

You can also check it out on the Billy Reid website, along with the rest of his F/W collection. Oh and I wouldn't say no to some of his bowties either!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bootlegger Khakis from Bonobos: Things I Have

You might get tired of hearing me talk about Bonobos. They rock. Their pants (and shorts) are amazing. The fit is incredible and the funky fabric linings keep me smiling whenever I wear them.

So since I've been on the hunt for some new cotton pants that are good enough for work, but that I can also wear casually, I headed to the Bonobos site.

Their site is super easy to navigate, and they make it really simple to select your pants based on fabric, fit, and color. I just picked up these Bootlegger khakis and love them...

You should do yourself a big favor and check out their offerings. Bonobos has expanded from pants into suits, shirts, and they also curate goods you'll love from other labels. These guys do it right!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Levi's x Billy Reid Coat: Things I Have

There has been a lot of talk lately about Billy Reid. He won GQ Designer of the Year and then just recently was named the winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Those are some pretty big nods!

Coming out of his GQ win, Reid did a collaboration with Levi's. I hadn't actually seen any of it in store yet (I pretty much shop for a living, how did this escape me?), until I was at Bloomingdale's this week (more on that later -- I was impressed with the array of labels they offered).

Today I went back and tried on a piece from the Levi's x Billy Reid collection that had caught my eye, a thick black wool coat. It was amazing.

It's a short coat, hitting at the waist, and has great structure around the shoulders so fits perfectly. I tried it on with just my t-shirt, with a hoodie, and with a sweater and it looked great with each.

Needless to say I grabbed it and ran, and am now super excited to wear it as the weather gets colder. All in all, there were some really great pieces from both the Levi's collab and Reid's signature line. And I will now keep checking into Bloomingdale's to make sure I see the next arrival!

Go to Reid's website and see this and the rest of his great work. And congrats Billy on all of the recent accolades!