Monday, March 26, 2012

Double Breasted Blazer from AMI: Things I Want

I decided to do a little Spring browsing at Barney's over the weekend and tried on quite a few things... Band of Outsiders, Dries, Shipley Halmos. But the one piece I tried that I can not stop thinking about is this double breasted blazer from French label AMI.

It's really lightweight, had a great texture to the fabric, and fit perfectly. No surprise I was drawn to yet another navy jacket, but I really fell in love with this.

This shot is from the label's lookbook and doesn't really do it justice... you have to go in and try it on!

Am definitely going to keep this on my want list... another great delivery from Alexandre Mattiussi at AMI.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bandana Print Bowtie: Things I Have

I've written before about my aunt, who has become my personal neckwear designer... it's always a surprise getting packages in the mail, with some new pieces I can style and wear.

This weekend I received two bandana print bow ties -- one in purple, and one in red (shown below). I already wore the purple one yesterday (with a white oxford and my Carven blazer) and the other will make its debut soon.

I like the enlarged print on the fabric, and that they're a light cotton which will be perfect for warm weather. The red will go perfectly with my blue and white striped Shades of Grey shirt...

I've now made a request to get a bandana print in a straight tie (and in a brighter color) -- looking forward to getting that one in the mail next!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shirt from FLAPH x Barney's: Things I Want

This morning I came across this shirt on Hypebeast and with the red, white, and blue cuffs thought for a second it was from Thom Browne.

But no, it is Japanese label FLAPH, done in collaboration with Barney's. I love the spread collar, detailed tailoring, and that it is made of a quick drying fabric (summer swelter, anyone?). And of course for me, the tri-color ribbed cuff is the selling point, that touch of individuality that makes it (and you) stand out.

Head over to Hypebeast to see the shirt in blue, and you can also link to the FLAPH's own site.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quilted Slipper from Gap 1969: Things I Want

On a recent trip to L.A. I popped into the Gap 1969 store on Robertson. The 1969 segment of their business has been a standout -- great denim (they had some awesome colored jeans for Spring) and a nice mix of other brands/items on offer.

The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was these quilted slippers. I loved the pattern and the simple construction. I definitely knew I could wear them with shorts and a tank top. Except... they were only made for women.

So my plea to Gap is to source these in men's sizes -- from the response to the tweet I sent out that day about this slipper, I know they'd have a lot of takers.

In the meantime, if you're in L.A. or NYC check out a 1969 store to see what other gems you can find.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Burberry Prorsum Print Duffle: Things I Want

It's no secret that I've been really impressed (a polite way of saying obsessed) with Burberry Prorsum both for Spring and Fall 2012. The beading, raffia, and great prints for Spring followed by the amazing knits, trenches, and suiting for Fall has me really wanting to add some pieces to my closet.

But there's an accessory for Spring that stopped me in my tracks when I saw it in the store window on 57th/Madison. This fantastic tote (well Burbery calls it a duffle)... great colors, zig-zag stitching, and a really simple leather handle.

Definitely something I can carry around the city this summer but also take on my beach weekends or when I head on vacation. Has the capacity to hold anything you'll need, on almost any occasion.

Be sure to check it out on the Prorsum site, and also see the other great accessories from Spring.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Denim from J Brand: Things I Have

Over the summer I wrote how J Brand had sent me some jeans... their Kane fit, which quickly became my go-to denim.

Recently they offered to send me another pair, and with Spring coming I selected the Kane but it a lighter, more casual wash. More on that to come... what they also kindly sent was a pair of their Johnny fit.

I have to admit, I am not a fan of 'skinny' jeans. I like a straight leg, maybe with a little taper, but I don't want anything too tight or constricting. But I threw these on the day they arrived and loved them.

They fit really well throughout the leg, and while the ankle is slimmer than I'm used to, it worked really well with my boots.

I took these with me to Paris a couple of weeks ago and they were easy to wear for any occasion -- the dark rinse made it okay for dinner at a bistro, and then for a lot of walking the next day.

You can see the Johnny here, and then get to the J Brand Men's offering for the other thing I have my eye on -- some colorful chinos for Spring.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Striped Silk Shantung Tie from David Hart: Things I Want

Neckwear designer David Hart is not new a new topic here... I loved his Navajo tie I bought last year, and I interviewed him last May.

Based in Brooklyn, he not only has a very keen design eye, but his designs and fabric sourcing are incredible. So it was no surprise when I saw some photos of his Spring '12 collection that I would want it.

The Silk Shantung pieces for Spring are fantastic, eye-catching colors and a lot of horizontal stripes.

My favorite is the blue multi-stripe, shown below. I just think the color combo here makes it a really easy to wear tie...

Get over to David's site now and check out the rest of his Spring offerings...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Striped Anchor tie from Haberdash: Things I Have

While in Haberdash (the Chicago menswear store), I picked up a little piece of Spring. Well at least that's the best description I can give to a blue and white striped tie, with red anchors on it.

My fascination with anchors (or all things nautical, really) hasn't subsided and so when I saw this I knew I needed to add it to my S/S '12 rotation.

Yesterday it was forecast to hit 61 degrees in NY and so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to give my new tie a wear... here with a Uniqlo oxford and Loden and Dager blazer.

Stay tuned for more Spring looks as temperatures increase...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mexican Blanket Belt from Make Smith: Things I Want

Came across these belts today on Well Spent and just loved them. Made from re-purposed Mexican blanket fabric, they're a standout with the variation of stripes and color.

From California brand Make Smith, I also really liked the width -- keeping the belt from being too imposing or taking over your look.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sports Coat from L.B.M. 1911: Things I Want

While in Chicago this week I decided to scout out the local menswear scene... enter Haberdash. They have multiple locations around the city, and I stopped in at State Street. And one of the first things I noticed was a row of cool cotton sports coats.

The sales director told me they were L.B.M. 1911, a line I was previously unaware of (although now upon doing a quick search, I see that Josh Peskowitz was talking about these guys over a year ago).

From Italy, these coats all start out white and are hand-dyed and pre-washed. As a result the color is a bit softened, they're extremely comfortable, and really simple to care for. In my continued quest to introduce other colors than navy into my closet, I tried on the emerald.

The fit was perfect and it was easy to see how I could throw this on for any occasion and get a great look. Here's the lookbook photo Haberdash has...

Since I just picked up that amazing Carven blazer last week in Paris, I didn't walk out with this one, but I wanted to! Read more about them on the Haberdash site.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loafers from Gucci: Things I Want

The favorite shoe in my closet is a Gucci loafer I bought in Copenhagen way too many years ago. They're a fantastic caramel color, with the horse bit across the top. My shoe guy in L.A. used to lament that one day he wouldn't be able to clean, re-sole, or keep them in wearable shape... and I fear that time has come.

So I took a cruise through Mr. Porter and found these! While a little darker, and with a silver bit, they're still a great replacement shoe. I like the simple stitching and lightly rounded toe.

Adding these to my want list -- would be perfect for sockless summer days! Check out the rest of the Gucci offering at Mr. Porter.