Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Belted Vest from wooyoungmi: Things I Want

This morning I took a look through the images from the wooyungmi Fall 2012 collection and immediately gravitated towards this belted vest.

I really liked how slim it is at the top, then has the larger outer pockets at the bottom. Styled with a wider leg pant also pulls it all together (and is such a trend for Fall).

I'm not normally one for vests (be they sweater or otherwise), but this is a look I could definitely rock come Fall.

On a side note, there's been a lot of chatter lately about the large scarf trend for men, and I thought it was really well executed here... again, a look I want to try!

Check out the rest of the wooyoungmi collection at Coute que Coute!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Padded Jacket from NUMBER:Lab: Things I Have

Recently I wrote about my three favorite pieces from Capsule, of which one was an incredible jacket from NUMBER:Lab. So it was only natural that when I heard about their sample sale last weekend, I knew I had to stop by.

Actually I've been passing their new store on 10th Avenue every day on my way to work, and needed to go check out the space... so this was the perfect opportunity!

The brand does a great job of creating items you can wear every day, but that have an outdoor technical side. Their site very accurately calls it "tech + tailored".

At the sale I tried on a padded vest, which I loved. When the salesperson told me it came with sleeves (aka was a jacket with removable sleeves), I was sold. I loved the crop fit, the super warm double lining, and the double collar.

Wore the jacket out Saturday night, to great reviews, and again on Sunday... it's quickly becoming a staple in my closet and I'm so happy I grabbed it!

It's not too late to pick one up on the NUMBER:Lab site...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tie from Uniform Experiment: Things I Want

I just came across these ties from Japanese brand uniform experiment and love them! The two-toned contrast is awesome and would definitely stand out when worn. I also dig the logo action "UE" on the bottom.

The black and darker blue version is my favorite, will definitely look to pick one of these up.

Font size

You can find more details at Hypebeast...

Gant Rugger "Nouveau Prep": Things I Love

I haven't been shy about my admiration for Gant Rugger and what designer Christopher Bastin has done for the line. I'm a huge fan, both for the collection itself as well as the overall styling and in-store experience.

For Spring '12 they've gone with "Nouveau Prep" and when I first saw the looks last week I couldn't stop scrolling through it... the pieces were definitely in the prepster category, but with a spin on the detailing that causes Rugger to stand out.

The light color palette in this look really got me into the Spring mood -- the canvas blazer over the cream colored crewneck, with a navy striped tie that stands out just a bit.

Another top look was this gingham shirt in red paired with a gingham jacket in blue (I love a pattern x pattern scenario), which goes so well together when done with the solid green pants.

Something about this blazer (the buttons? the color?) called to me. Keeping it simple with a white shirt and striped tie, this was probably my favorite look in the whole book. Casually preptastic.

You're going to want to check out the rest of the collection for yourself. And if you head there right now you *might* see some F/W pieces that are drastically reduced... and you *might* walk away with some of those too!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Striped Blazer from Dries van Noten: Things I Want

With the strangely warm weather this week in NYC, I've started thinking more and more about Spring... and it doesn't help when new deliveries are coming into my favorite retailers. Thom Browne has some great Spring pieces out (don't worry, more to come on that), as does Gant Rugger.

But while perusing Tres Bien Shop I came across this fantastic blazer from Dries van Noten. I'm a sucker for color, and for stripes and this will contrast so nicely with a crisp white shirt. I like that the jacket is in cotton and unlined, it'll be perfect for a warm day.

A little closer look at what I consider to be signature Dries design with the stripes, the aubergine mixed with blues, and the nice sheen... it's a great piece!

Find it here from Tres Bien, and check out their other new arrivals!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maison Kitsune Fall 2012: Things I Love

I'm still in the process of re-reviewing all of the European men's shows over the past weeks... and wanted to give a shout to personal fav Maison Kitsune. They consistently deliver well done collections, with a subtle French twist, and Fall 2012 was no exception.

Only this time they hooked me even more because their theme was a "chic man riding his bicycle in the city...". As an avid cyclist I've been loving the surge around brands like Rapha; Kitsune's use of particular fabrics and construction to enable sartorial cyclists gets my endorsement.

A few key favorites were the collared sweater in a bright red, the patterned scarf (BPMW just wrote this morning on the large scarf trend), great layering with a buttoned down club collar... and my must have, the "Parisien" cap.

As I've written here before, I'll now anxiously wait for the famous Kitsune video lookbook, mashing up models hurriedly dressing in the collection with songs produced by Kitsune musical label artists.

Go to GQ to check out the full collection + get your bicycle geared up for Fall!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jacket from W-D: Things I Want

I'm still getting caught up from reviewing all of the great coverage the past two weeks, through Florence, Milan, and Paris shows. There was a standout post from We Are The Market on an Italian brand I hadn't heard of before... W-D (or Well Dressed Man).

Created by Salvatore Battello as "a capsule collection of men's jackets borrowed directly from British sartorial tradition" the line uses mostly British fabrics but with a "Made in Italy design" principles.

I was really taken with most of the pieces (there are only six for Fall 2012) -- mostly around the color palette and the patterns, which made the jackets distinctive from what else is available.

The first one below is my absolute favorite...

Now I need to find out where these beauties will be distributed come Fall! Until then check out the website for the full collection...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Givenchy Fall 2012: Things I Love

My favorite show out of Paris so far has been Givenchy. Granted, Thom Browne hasn't shown yet... but I had to give a shout to Riccardo Tisci for the amazing work he's done at the house in general, but specifically with men's. It is not a collection that skews towards my personal aesthetic but I totally appreciate what he's doing and do want to give it a try!

As with Spring he shows a consistent threading of themes, staying on point with the general nuances he's introduced (skirts, leggings, printed tops) while tackling more subtlety for Fall '12 (no birds of paradise here).

Going through the collection I really fell for the more monochromatic looks and pulled out a few of my favorites to highlight below.

I really loved this coat and can't wait to see (and touch) it in person.

Something so nice and clean about this black shirt + pants, but with that striped belt holding it all together.

This leather top is fantastic! Again there are common tones in the whole look, which I didn't mind given the change in material and hue.

Red on red on red on... for someone like myself who appreciates a bold color statement, this is it!

Check out the rest of the collection (it is totally worth it!) at Style.com. Go Riccardo!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2012: Things I Love

The Burberry Prorsum Fall '12 show occurred a few days ago, but I can't get it out of my head! Christopher Bailey and team outdid themselves with an incredibly strong collection that uses the brand's strengths (coats and suiting) and complements it with some whimsy in the form of patterned knits and colorful accessories.

I love it all. So it took a lot of editing to select my favorite looks, but here they are...

Slightly obsessed with this sweater -- the horizontal stripes up top, and the differently colored solid below.

Another outstanding knit for those of us who like color and a little bit of fun... and I really like the loose neckline. This is top of my list come Fall (I'll leave the matching bag at home...)!

The quilting on the body of the jacket stood out and the color is so rich, it caught my eye, especially when styled with another loosely worn sweater underneath.

The slim tailoring on this jacket is perfect for guys like me! I'm totally in on this whole look -- most especially that incredible bag he is carrying. Definitely more of a Fall ensemble, but one that I can get behind.

Head over to Style.com for all of the looks and to read Tim Blanks' insightful review of the collection.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Peek At Capsule Show: My Three Favorite Pieces

Last night before they closed for the day, I tucked into Capsule Show, the fantastic trade show run by the folks at BPMW Agency. It's been growing each year, with more and more brands, and a bigger presence... and this week it's all about menswear!

There were a lot of great pieces from folks like Ovadia & Sons (fell in love with a yellow waffle knit sweater), Won Hundred (clean Scandinavian aesthetic), Vanishing Elephant, and Fahlgren (Brett Fahlgren's new neckwear line).

But oddly my top three favorites were all outerwear.

First was this amazing wool coat from NUMBER:Lab. Really enjoyed the deep color, the sophistication of the overall design, and the blending of a 'technical' touch with the clasps. The hood is tipped in leather, and there is great construction throughout. Couldn't stop looking at this coat!

My second favorite was from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. I'm not alone in my reverence for what McNairy's been doing lately and there were some great pieces in his Fall collection.

But this jacket (in three colors) just stood out. First the boldness of the color really caught my eye. Then the fabric was incredible -- honestly felt like a softened Kevlar. Stiff yet pliable, with a little edge to it. Must get one of these jackets for Fall 2012.

The third was from a brand I was not familiar with... Loyal. They had a lot of wool coats, but of course the one in bright blue caught my eye. When I saw the anchors painted in white, I was sold (I'm nothing if not predictable). Great cropped pea coat but the color and nautical theme breaks it out of the pack.

Definitely a lot more to share on Capsule, so stay tuned...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Double Breasted Blazer from Isaia: Things I Want

Sadly, I'm not able to be in Florence this week for Pitti Uomo... one year I'll get there though! So instead I've been living vicariously through the various editors, bloggers, photographers who are there.

A lot of posts, tweets, and instagrams to wade through -- it's honestly a lot to digest, even from 3000 miles away! But from everything I've seen so far, there is one piece that knocked me off my chair and is a MUST HAVE for next Fall.

The ever dapper (and unerring eye) Nick Wooster posted this photo from the Isaia booth. It's not just that I keep collecting double breasted blazers... I also love this color, such a great transition from Summer into early Fall. And the texture is what really sold me -- the chunky nubbiness is incredible.

Again, this is all courtesy of Mr. Wooster... so head to his Tumblr for more fantastic pics from Pitti and of what generally inspires him.

And stay tuned for more good things coming from Isaia!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Summer Campaign: Things I Love

I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana and have never really found myself drawn to their collections. But the thing I will say is that their ad campaigns always rock. Great models, great stories, always really well done.

For Summer 2012 they not only used one of my favorite models (yes, yes... Arthur Kulkov) but they had some really well styled suits, fantastic specs, and some color (see jacket below) and whimsy.

The whole set was good, but my selected favorites are below... starting with Mr. Kulkov.

You can see the rest of the campaign from that menswear dynamo The Fashionisto.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oxford Shirts from Uniqlo: Things I Love

I've been a big fan of Uniqlo well before they hit Stateside... when I worked in Asia I started (and still do) get most of my denim there. They're great for basics in fun colors, and the Japanese slim tailoring is perfect for me.

Recently I had an emergency for a white shirt and bought a Uniqlo oxford. And I loved it! It fit me so well, was easy to wear, and totally flexible to dress up or down. Paired the white one with my new AMI sweater, which was a big hit.

I've since gone back and bought it in 3 of the 5 colors they offer (two shown here). My younger brother commented on how much he liked mine, so he got one too.

While they now have three stores in NYC (one dangerously close to where I live), that's it for their U.S. retail presence, and they currently don't offer e-com in the States. So for now, just go to their site and drool (or ask me to pick something up for you!).