Friday, November 4, 2011

Thom Browne Moleskine Pants: Things I Want

Realizing I already wrote this week about a Thom Browne blazer I received, and knowing that the Thom Browne sample sale is currently happening in New York, and that yesterday I saw my friend Richard and he was wearing all Thom Browne...

But this morning BG's men's homepage had a Thom Browne takeover and so I couldn't resist talking about this item I've been coveting for Fall. The Bergdorf's men's store has had these burgundy moleskine pants and every time I go in I ask if they have them in my size. And every time, alas, I'm told they don't.

Even on the BG site they don't have my size, so I think next week I'll have to take a trip to the TB mecca, 100 Hudson, and pick them up there. These are an essential for my Fall/Winter wardrobe!

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