Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thom Browne Seersucker Suit: Things I Have

Last week was the Thom Browne sample sale. Of course this gives a brand fan like me chills... and has me start plotting how I am going to get there, find some amazing buys, and leave as quickly as possible. Think about the show Supermarket Sweep...

Anyway, I made a stop after work on Friday, by which point most things were gone. However I did pick up a couple of great shirts, some shoes (more on that to come), and an amazing seersucker suit.

When I tried on the coat at the sale, it fit me perfectly and I was so excited. Utilizing Thom Browne's usual red, white, blue stripe it is light and perfect for warm weather. I cannot wait for Spring to come, so I can wear this out!

The inside pocket, lists the size as "Sample". And the buttons came in this really cute manila envelope with a "TB" label on it.

As soon as I got home I tried it one, and it all fit like a glove. I am ready to go!

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