Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Want: Anchor Sweater from Billy Reid

I am on a business trip to Asia and haven't been able to post. Started in Shanghai, then to Tokyo, now Seoul... and tomorrow Hong Kong. Whew.

But I have been trying to catch up on my fashion reading and came across this ANCHOR sweater, posted by the rockin' site We Are the Market.

Of course I am totally in love with anchors right now and this sweater would be perfect for fall/winter. It is from Billy Reid, who I am not too familiar with.

You can see more of the collection here:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things I Want: Jil Sander for Uniqlo

I am such a fan of Uniqlo (and so happy to be back in Asia, so I can stock up!)... I love how they have a basic sweater or shirt or pair of pants, and they carry it in a dozen colors. And the price is right. And it fits me so well!

So now I cannot wait for the designs by Jil Sander for Uniqlo. Below is the dress shirt, but I've been seeing a few other images crop up and I cannot wait for the launch on October 1.

You can read more here:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things I Want: Cyclops Watch

Saw this watch and it immediately spoke to my fascination with pop color.  I love the bright circles representing each hour and the simple mesh band.  It also reminds me of something from Pantone (which is getting a biiiit overdone these days).

If I hadn't just bought a new watch (see previous post about my rockin' Nixon "sun dial") I would consider picking this up.

If you like it (which you should), read more at Acquire mag:  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I Want: Visvim Yellow Backpack

I have blogged about some Visvim items before... the very cool Japanese label that recently opened a showroom in Paris. They have some pretty amazing shoes but I have to say I was also sold on this backpack. And hey, it's time for back to school, so you need a new pack.

Made of ballistic nylon and available in a variety of colors, although y'all know there's only one color that caught my eye. Yellow.

You can check out the story and see more photos at the rockin' site Hypebeast:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things I Want: Fall Buying Guide from Men.Style

One of my favorite spots for fashion news is -- which unfortunately is going away, as Conde Naste separates it into distinct GQ and Details sites.

But they've just released a Fall buying guide, compiled from the buyers of some hot men's departments around the country. I have three fav's that I would love to have for my Fall wardrobe!

First, I am a huge fan of Opening Ceremony. They just plain rock! And (at least in the L.A. store) the sales staff are amazing... great knowledge of fashion and designers, and they are so helpful. You may remember my recent story about scoring a Patrik Ervell tux!

So here is a quilted dress shirt they've done as part of their private label collection. I love the quilting and the color -- perfect for Fall.

Next is a piece that no one who knows me will be surprised by. Gamme Bleu for Moncler... aka, designed by Thom Browne. Obsessed! I love this blazer because it evokes themes that are quintessential to each both Moncler and TB but remaining trim enough for a cool Fall day.

And the last item is a great pair of dress shoes from Common Projects. I have long been a fan of their sneakers, and I think the wingtips are just fantastic. I am so in need of a pair of brown shoes for work... these would be just great. I could also totally see wearing them for the end of summer, sockless, with my pants a bit rolled up.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things I Have: Yellow Nixon Watch

It is not news that I am all about yellow right now. And I also have a thing for rubber watches (already have two -- one from Diesel, one from Alessi).
But then I was just in Paris, at colette, and saw this one by Nixon... in yellow! I had to have it and so I did.

You can see it here (plus all of the other colors they have):

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things I Have: Italian Sandals

When I arrived in Roquebrune, I noticed that my friend John-Mark was wearing some Birkenstock-esque sandals. I loved them! Very 'gladiator', which is a look I'm not always a fan of (right, Lauren?)... but with this sandal it worked.

Well John-Mark then relayed that they weren't Birks but from an Italian brand. Luckily when I was in San Remo a few days later I found them... done by Superga... for 30 Euros! What a deal -- and they are so comfortable.

Please ignore this photo with my gross feet, and check out Superga's offerings for yourself (they make great canvas sneakers too!)...

Things I Have: Anchor Sweatshirt

So, I recently posted about an APC sweatshirt that I wanted. Well... thanks to the Bon Marche in Paris, I now have it! Found it there on my recent holiday and had to pick it up. While I had initially posted about the gray, I ended up with blue.

It's a great piece -- well fitted, and not too thick. And it continues my obsession with the nautical theme!