Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Have: Watch by Timex

I was leaving for holidays in France and needed a new watch. Well it's not so much that I needed a new one as my other three needed batteries. And I was really in the mood for something simple and cheap and classic.

So I ventured to Target and picked up this Timex for under $30. I know, right? It's a great find -- easy to pair with my outfit, large numerals making it easy to read the time, shows me the date and the face even lights up!

Now, I definitely want to get my other watches fixed... options, options you know. But after seeing J. Crew's recent inclusion of Timex pieces in their men's shops, I was inspired and am very satisfied with my purchase.

If you want to get one of your own, you can find it at Target: Timex Watch

Things I Want: APC x Supreme Jeans

I have found that my best fitting pants are from APC. There's something about the cut in the thigh and the shape of the rear that suit me. But those are mostly twill or cotton pants... I don't actually have any denim from APC.

I'm also a huge fan of Supreme and all of the fantastic collaborations they do. So what a better intro for me into APC denim than through this collab they're doing with Supreme. Love the stitching on the back...

Some of my favorite jeans are from WESC and a combination between APC x Supreme seems like it may have a similar style + fit. I am down to give it a try!

Read more about this at Men's Style (before they go away...): http://men.style.com/news/blog/2009/09/what-makes-a-pair-of-apc-jeans-different-from-a-pair-of-apc-x-supreme-jeans.html

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things I Want: Margiela Book

A book about Martin Margiela! I'm so there... add this to my Fall reading list.

While he may be a man of mystery, I think the Margiela brand is fantastic in it's avant garde approach. I don't think any of the celebrated Belgians are particularly press-focused, Margiela is definitely the least so. Maybe this book will shed some light?

No surprise that I found this gem posted on Hypebeast... check it out here: http://hypebeast.com/2009/09/maison-martin-margiela-book/

Things I Want: Metal Flecked Coat from Patrik Ervell

I've long been a fan of Patrik Ervell. Great fit for my slim frame, classic looks but with a fun modern twist. Take, par example, this coat from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Unfortunately I wasn't at the show to witness it in person, but apparently Patrik used a new technique in this collection of infusing the pieces with flecks of metal. Sounds complicated... but I love the result.

I want this coat!

But this is just one of a number of nice items Patrik showed for Spring... check out the rest via Men's Style: http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/S2010MEN/complete/thumb/PERVMEN

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Love: Richard Burbridge Photoshoot for Dazed and Confused

One of my favorite men's fashion blogs is The Fashionisto. Great coverage of men's lines with a ton of wonderful photos.

From them today is a really amazing post with a photo shoot done for Dazed & Confused magazine. I deliberated on which photo was my favorite and settled o nthis one. Great face makeup, love the ribbons wrapped around Lyle's body. So cool! And while I'm not a huge fan of the bowler in general, it works here with the black by offsetting all of the wild colors (and the bruising facial paint job).

You can check out more photos (and great posts from The Fashionisto) here: http://thefashionisto.com/blog/2009/09/editorial-lyle-lodwick-by-richard-burbridge/#more-32623

Things I Want: Michael Bastian S/S 2010

As Fashion Week wraps up, I have been looking at photos over the past week of both the men's + women's shows. There have been some great pieces and I will be writing about more them in the next few days... but first I had to, had to post about Michael Bastian's show for S/S 2010.

Can I just say that I think it is AMAZING! Michael really pulled it out with such a fantastic mix of casual shirts, shorts and hoodies (his staples) with some great suiting, and a few really nice coats. I am loving the whole collection (well maybe except for the camo shorts... that's just something I can't get behind).

Here is a photo of my very favorite shirt from the collection. It's funny because knowing that Michael will be desiging for Gant, I can see where this shirt could be a great bridge from his own line to Gant's.

Anyway, enough ranting from me. Just go to We Are the Market and check out the rest of their photos.... and then come back here and see what else I loved from the recent shows.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Things I Have: Wallet by Porter

With all of the fashion, design, art blogs I read there are a lot of mentions about Porter bags.  All of the collaborations they do, how functional yet cool they are, that they're from a company with a long history.  And that they are from Japan.  This is the kicker... because I have had a lot of problems finding them in the U.S.  Of course Opening Ceremony (which I LOVE) carries a few of the pieces, and I even saw Barney's pick up a few.  But not in a wide selection.

So when I was recently in Tokyo I went lookin' for some cool Porter bags.  And I found a ton.  They were great --- materials, colors, shapes + sizes.  I dragged my poor colleague all over Tokyo, but still couldn't decide on which one to get.  

Thus I did some research on where to find Porter in Hong Kong (my next stop) and dragged another colleague to the Sogo in Causeway Bay.  There I found this really great wallet.  It's compact, it's a bright blue, I love the white zipper. Done.  

Whew, that was a long story to talk about a new wallet... but I am definitely a huge fan of Porter.  Now they just need more distribution in the U.S.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things I Have: Sweater vest from Uniqlo

I have been singing the praises of Uniqlo for a long long time.  Ever since I started traveling to Asia... and even though they now have a store in NYC, I am more frequently in China, Hong Kong, or Japan and so stock up there.

I love the fit (nice & slim), I love the bevy of colors on offer (a lot of bright and eye catching shades!), and I love the price.  Picking up a crewneck merino wool sweater in four colors is an easy pick for Fall.

And while I did do that, I also bought this great button down cardigan with a fun argyle print.  Can't wait to layer this over my white J. Crew oxford...  as soon as the temp drops a bit.

And since the J+ line (designed by Jil Sander!) is dropping next month, I may have to venture out to Manhattan to check it out.  

In the meantime, peruse the Uniqlo Fall range here: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/explorer.html#/code:057899-000-08/

Things I Want: Band of Outsiders x Sperry Topsider

Scott does it again with some rockin' shoes for his collab with Sperry.  These are so great... and yes, I post a lot about BoO and about shoes, so what a perfect combination!

I love the rubber, I love the faux wood treatment, the faux eyeholes.  Some cool kicks.

You can read more about this at Hypebeast... enjoy!