Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Double-Breasted Blazer from Boglioli: Things I Want

Yesterday I wrote about the burgundy Carven suit I tried on (and loved) over the weekend... well the color trend continues with another piece I really fell for, this Boglioli Double-Breasted blazer.

I put this on at Bergdorf's on Sunday afternoon and found it fit me almost perfectly. It was comfortable through the shoulders, trim in the waist, and the length (always an issue for me) hit just below waist level.

The blazer is Double-Breasted and with a peak collar, which would normally give it an air of formality. However it is a wool/nylon blend and unstructured, allowing it to form to your body and keeping it a little more casual. I think this adds to the versatility -- dressed up as a great suit, or used as a sweater type layer on weekends.  

Mr. Porter is carrying it on their site, where you can see more pics and details.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blazer + Pants from Carven: Things I Want

Last weekend as I was checking out the new Fall goods I came across a fantastic blazer/pant combo from Carven. You may remember how excited I was to get a blazer from their Spring collection when I was last in Paris... the line continues to have a great subtle French influence and a nice slim and cropped fit.

The burgundy color of these pieces is the first thing that caught my eye, and I could definitely see myself mixing and matching this color as the season changes. When I tried it on the jacket fit well -- perhaps a little snug for some, but I liked the shorter length and high arm holes. The pants also worked well, and were just short enough that when paired with my Tretorns it had a nice pulled together but casual vibe.

I tried it all on at Barney's but you can find out more (and see other Carven for Fall) over at Mr. Porter

Monday, August 27, 2012

Trousers from BASCO: Things I Have

Yesterday I needed to make a trip into Barney's... Fall collections have been arriving and I specifically wanted to see Tim Coppens, Thom Grey (Thom Browne's new diffusion line), and BASCO. The last is a re-launch of an in-house label, Barney's Sportwear Company. 

There were some really interesting pieces in the BASCO line and I tried on a few of them... but my standout favorite were these gabardine trousers. I liked the pleated front, the button flap pockets, and the cropped ankle with side buttons.

Picked up the pants and am wearing them today (I couldn't resist). They fit great and are so comfortabe. 100% cotton + made in Italy...  you can check out the rest of the BASCO pieces here!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shirt from COS: Things I Want

While in Bilbao last week I stopped into COS, the up-market brand from H&M. Ever since my friend Tanner told me about them, I've been a fan. I find it to have a Scandinavian aesthetic (read simple yet quirky) and offers something I can't find Stateside. Whenever I'm in a European city that has a COS, I check it out.

So last week I tried on this killer chambray shirt. Well they call it a "shirt" but I'd go more for shacket -- it has the thickness of a regular shirt but there are side pockets and an elastic waist, making it more like an over-shirt or jacket.

I can totally see wearing this partially buttoned over a t-shirt or gingham shirt... 

Now the only reason I didn't buy this was because they didn't have my size + COS does not ship outside of countries it has stores... so it's on my #want list for now!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Buckle Brogue by Thom Browne: Things I Want

There is a lot of good Thom Browne news lately... first I found out he is launching a new lower priced line called Thom Grey (can't wait to head to Barney's to check that out). Now I've come across these brogues he's done for Fall. And I'm hooked.

Nothing too crazy about the shoe itself, just a great classic black brogue. But I love the silver buckle with the TB-esque grosgrain strap. Such a subtle but cool touch to the shoe.

They're available now at oki-ni for 850 GBP (definitely an investment shoe), but read more over at Hypebeast.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Men's Threads + Bureau of Trade: Flight of the Concorde

It's here, it's here! My first collection with Bureau of Trade. Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been very intrigued with the thematic product stories, nods to popular culture, and the ability to find the most obscure men's lifestyle item. 

So today launches my first collaborative effort with them -- I am heading to northern Spain this weekend, and so I thought what better than to talk about some of the items I'd love to pack. 

The Warby Parker sunnies, a vintage Ghurka bag, Unis khakis, and Rancourt camp mocs. What else could you need (well the Concorde matches are pretty cool too)... 

Go on over and check it out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bureau of Trade: Things I Love

I've never been very adept at searching eBay for things I want. When I was looking for some vintage Marais chairs I tasked my friend John with finding them for me. My friend Jeff dutifully sent a number of links for a vintage Rolex... but I could never quite get behind it myself. Until now.

Launched this year is the answer to all of your sartorial and lifestyle needs (although you may not know you need it yet)... Bureau of Trade. Pulling in items from eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and full priced niche vendors, they provide a veritable treasure chest of men's items across multiple categories.

This week I came across these great Bally boots... part of their "August Camping in the Great Lakes" story.

Also in the story -- this fantastic vintage Omega watch. Love it!

When I first spoke with the BoT team my first question was -- what if I love this Omega watch but someone gets to it first? Well they've thought through that, and present multiple (well selected) alternatives. As I was assured, there is a watch for you.

So after poking around the site the past few weeks I've decided to give the whole thing a try... starting this week you'll see the first Men's Threads collection at Bureau of Trade. I hope you like it + there'll be more to come. Enjoy + happy shopping!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Leather + Rubber Lace-Ups from Prada: Things I Want

Last Friday I decided to go check out the new shoe floor at Barney's -- they've turned the fifth floor into a mixed men's and women's shoe palace... 

I have to admit I was really impressed. The space is beautiful, well laid out, and there was an interesting mix of men's shoes available.  Definitely an opportunity for Barney's to grow and expand in this category. 

While I was exploring I saw some amazing Rick Owens hightops, the Balenciaga sneakers I've been ogling, and these amazing Prada lace-ups.

These are incredible -- a leather lace-up with a rubber outer layer applied to the sole and the bottom third of the shoe. The pointed protrusions on the sole are a little much for me, but I could get over it just based on the novelty.

I feel like I'd need a Prada suit to go with these shoes, or something very classic that can handle the shocking red rubber... but I'd be willing to give it a try! Check them out here on the Prada site.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yellow Yellow Yellow: Things I Love

Most of you know that I have two color obsessions... yellow and navy. I can't get enough of either (as evidenced by the yellow sweater I just bought from Gant Rugger).

Well to celebrate the vast number of colors they've used since 1941 Coach is starting a really cool project called ColorTag. It's a way to identify with your favorite color, see the products it was created with, and more.

Of course when they asked which color I would choose, YELLOW popped right off the page. So here it is!

Check out the Facebook page they've created where if you're obsessed with color charts like I am, you'll have a blast... enjoy!


Thom Browne Inspired Street Style: Things I Love

I am such a huge fan of Nam, the photographer that captures amazing street style during men's fashion week events around the world. 

Today he posted a fantastic group of photos focused on folks wearing the designs of Thom Browne... pre-show, post-show, in between shows -- in both collection and Moncler Gamme Bleu. It is amazing to see the way these pieces get styled, and to see the very focused aesthetic of Mr. Browne throughout everything he does.

As someone not afraid to show some ankle, this was my favorite shot...

Followed closely by Matthew Foley rockin' a TB seersucker look (with the imperfection of his collar flying away).

Get over to Nam's site and check out the rest of these amazing shots!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cotton Sweater from Gant Rugger: Things I Have

I really think that Gant Rugger is not only staying consistent and on brand, but getting better and more refined each season. So it was no surprise that Christopher Bastin was just named Creative Director at Gant.... well deserved.

Recently I popped into the Rugger store on Bleecker street and picked up this great sweater from Fall '12. It's a really lightweight cotton and silk blend, a perfect transition piece between seasons.

And while it came in a few different colors, I of course went with the yellow. Couldn't help myself!

I wore the sweater for the first time last week over a white tee, but really like how they styled it for the lookbook... given how light the sweater is, it creates a transparency that lets you see the shirt + tie combo underneath.

You can see all of the colors (plus other great Fall finds) on the Gant site...