Monday, December 5, 2011

Spring 2012 Preview: Tallia Orange

Last week I stopped by the Tallia Orange showroom, to see their Spring '12 collection. Created as the private label of menswear manufacturer Peerless Clothing, Tallia (the orange mannequins speak the color story for themselves) is about basics with a twist. Patterned collars, small details, printed jacket linings, there are a myriad of ways the brand delivers some unexpected fun.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces -- I really liked colorful coats (no surprise there!). The red gingham (which also came in blue), was very lightweight and unconstructed, making it a really flexible piece for summer days at the office, at a picnic, or both. The red two button blazer was super sharp, with slim tailoring. And there was the really awesome double-breasted linen suit. The contrasting white buttons made that jacket stand out!

Spring also had some great washed paisley jackets, and a nice offering of basic suits. Check out their site to find out where you can buy, and get some color in your closet next season!

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