Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sophnet Tote Bag: Things I Want

I have an obsession with bags -- I have a closet full of them, and rotate around depending on the occasion. So yesterday I was thrilled to see two different bags that I loved.

One was in a new accessories release from Dries van Noten, and the other was this monogrammed + striped piece from Sophnet (yes, of course, it's from Japan).

I really liked the simple construction of the bag and the light monogram pattern. And the stripes were the finishing touch that got me.

Now getting my hands on this tote is another matter... but I will see what I can do!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dior Couture: Things I Love

So this is a little diversion from my usual menswear posts... but every so often I have to highlight things that I love. And I am (again) loving what Galliano has done with Dior Couture. Just amazing.

There continues to be such a disciplined aesthetic, where you would know any of these fantastic creations were Dior, should you see them walking down the street. Okay, so it's couture and you won't see it on the next Tommy Ton post... but still, you get the point.

I had to share my two favorites, both very different, but both involving a lot of feathers.

I strongly suggest you check out the rest of the show at you will not regret it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thom Browne Shirt: Things I Have

I received a very generous gift for Christmas... Barney's gift card! Perfect! So this past weekend I went to my mecca... Barney's in Beverly Hills.

Unfortunately there wasn't really any Spring in yet, and the last vestiges of F/W... but I did pick up a really great Thom Browne shirt from Fall. I love that he is so consistent with the red, white, blue color palette. I am soooo excited to rock this!

Saving this for when I head to NY in a couple of weeks! Oh and I won't mention (at least not in this post) the damage I did in men's skincare.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashion Sketches from Little Doodles: Things I Love

Fashion sketches, versus photographs, offer such a great insight into a look or a collection. While a photo (for the most part) is an identical reproduction of what was shown, a sketch is an interpretation; one that relays how someone actually saw the piece coming down the runway.

I'm a big fan of Richard Haines and the work he shows at
What I Saw Today. The Unknown Hipster is also a favorite. Then this week, Style Salvage did a piece on the site Little Doodles, and I was in awe of the drawings from the recent Milan shows.

I was going through the images and laughed when I came across this sketch from the Woolrich Woolen Mills collection... this is the exact coat I blogged about earlier this week! Love it!

And here is one from Missoni... the artist selected one of my favorite looks from the show, and I love how the pants were just left as an outline, focusing on the sweater, jacket, and scarf.

You kind of need to go by Style Salvage and check out the rest, they're pretty amazing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coat from Frankie Morello: Things I Want

I mean, how could you not love this look if you saw it coming down the runway? I am admittedly a fan of Frankie Morello's ad campaigns, scantily clad attractive models and all... but as I was perusing the looks from the brand's recent Milan showing, I was drawn to a number of the pieces.

So I probably won't wrap a scarf around my head (but never say never)... but I really dig this coat. It's as if they took a Gant sweater, cut out a strip of it, and worked it in. I think it is a nice addition, without being too gimmicky.

I'll take it.

You'll be shocked to hear I was updating myself on this show via Fashionisto, so head there to see more shots.

Patterned Suit from Viktor & Rolf: Things I Want

The Paris Men's shows are underway and I was just cruisin' through some shots of Viktor & Rolf. Amazing. I have really been fans of these guys for such a long time... they're always quirky but always uber creative.

I remember when I was living in Amsterdam and I *swore* I saw the two designers in a bar. I wanted to go say 'hi', but I blinked and they were gone. Perhaps just an illusion?

So their presentation contained some great pieces -- I loved the quilted jackets, especially the one with quilted arms, a cotton body, and corduroy collar. So fun.

But my favorite look was this black and gray patterned suit. I'm obsessed with patterned suits lately (hello, Tom Ford). This one is great because it stands out but the colors are muted enough that you do a double take when you see it. Sort of like an illusion...

You must check out the other looks via Fashionisto.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Woolrich Woolen Mills Coat: Things I Want

This is my 201st post! Good times!

Okay... so I have already picked out my winter coat for next year. It's this beaut from Woolrich Woolen Mills. Since Mark McNairy's taken the reins, the brands has really stayed on a great course. I know I'm a sucker for styling (and a cute model) but this coat is really fantastic. Love the really wide lapel and collar, the length, the thick wool, and well just everything about it.

Am guessing that by next winter we all won't rollin' our pants quite as much, but I'll take that coat with some dark denim, a white shirt, colorful scarf and I'm set.

This image via those amazing folks at BPMW... see their We Are the Market post for more shots!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Michael Bastian for Gant Varsity Jacket: Things I Want

While sadly I am not at Pitti this year, I have been tracking all of the great pics being posted from those who are there. And it is definitely getting me excited for F/W 2011!

Yesterday Sartorially Inclined posted a short video done by GQ which focused on one of my favorite lines right now... Michael Bastian for Gant.

The video did a great job of showing the mood and inspiration for next Fall's collection and even included a short interview with Mr. Bastian himself!

While there were a lot of great pieces shown, and while I don't know what is in the collection that didn't make the video, this varsity jacket was a standout to me.

Love the burnt orange color, with the cream colored leather sleeves. Would be so perfect for Fall, I can't wait to try it on! Oh and that yellow cardy underneath of course caught my eye (why am I so obsessed with yellow!)...

Stay tuned for more Pitti related updates and of course any new news from the Bastian camp!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pants from Ts(s): Things I Want

Pants are a constant source of problem for me. I struggle to find the right fit, the right fabrics, and often end up dissatisfied. Thus far Uniqlo and Bonobos have been the two exceptions to that rule, but I am always on the look out for something new.

From the good people at Selectism I came across these pants from the Spring collection of Ts(s). I'm not too familiar with the label... but since Selectism found it via a Japanese website, chances are it's not available Stateside. Again, another great find we can't get! Trip to Tokyo anyone?

I really liked the gray heathered look of these pants, guessing they're a light cotton or linen blend. And probably something I could wear to work, out to dinner, or for a weekend of errands.

Ts(s)'s collection also included a fantastic tartan jacket, so be sure to see more images here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

JustJr Collages: Things I Love

I've been following JustJr through multiple site + format iterations and have loved it from the beginning. I have printed some of their collages (of course the ones about Thom Browne) and hung them at my desk, for constant inspiration. I've also gotten our designers at work to follow the site.

The way the images are compiled, the great colors, and the obvious homage to its subjects makes each collage fascinating to just stare at for a while.

Below is one of the site's more recent works, titled Ivy League... I'm a big fan of Diptyque, I am in the market for a leather weekend duffel, and have bow ties coming out of my ears. So there was definitely a resonance here!

Make sure you check out the full site to see the rest of these fantastic fashion collages!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Filippa K Spring 2011: Things I Love

With a few shots Filippa K just got me into the mood for Spring, in a major way. Came across their S/S 2011 campaign and loved the easy styling, the wheat field setting, and the lightness off the photos.

When I lived in Amsterdam I became a big fan of the label, and have followed them here in the States (courtesy of Barney's).

Great work (and I wouldn't mind that navy blazer!)...

Go to the post from Fashionisto for more shots + a short video!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hightops from Onitsuka Tiger: Things I Want

Do I even need to write anything about these? They're freakin' amazing. Loving the tonal blues, the suede and leather pieces, and the high white tongue.

Fantastic work from Onitsuka Tiger...

That is all.

Check out Hypebeast for more pics!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lou Dalton Silk Jacket: Things I Want

This afternoon I was cruisin' through Oki-Ni to see what they had on sale. 'Tis the season of post holiday discounts! Well I came across this amazing silk jacket by Lou Dalton. It is fantastic!

First of all I love silk jackets. I've long been obsessed with owning a raw silk jacket in navy blue. Until that day... I'd gladly take this one here! The tartan is great, makes the whole piece pop.

I actually really like the identical three pieces they show here, although just having the jacket makes the look a bit more versatile.

The piece is made in Britain and come to you now at a great price. Check it out!