Monday, January 4, 2010

Things I Want: Plastic Sunnies by Henry Holland + Linda Farrow

Happy New Year! As a resolution (and some prodding from my brother), I am going to work on blogging more about my finds, my buys, my obsessions related to menswear.

I have some amazing items I recently acquired (white specs from Shanghai, plaid pants from Uniqlo, some hot Alife sneakers)... but that will come when I photograph them.

For now, you must check out the sunnies I want for Spring '10. Saw these today, a collab from Henry Holland and Linda Farrow.

Amazing! Not sure how many colors they'll come in but I could totally rock green.

Picked up the news here: stay tuned!

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Cyclingteacherguy said...

Excellent Sunnies, love it!