Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I Have (almost): GI Glasses

I have been writing a lot lately about eyeglasses. But ever since my trip to the Shanghai eyeglasses market I have been a little obsessed with new + cool frames.

This weekend my friend John took me to a vintage eyeglass store to show me a pair he was interested in... apparently they're called "GI glasses" because it's what the military issued to soldiers during WWII.

Well John and I both tried them on and I thought they rocked! He then told me that he'd seen them on eBay and could get me a pair. Fast forward a few hours and John e-mailed that he'd bought a pack of the frames and they were on their way!

So I don't have them yet, and will then have to get lenses, but I am so excited for these rockin' new specs! Thanks Johnny!

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