Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things I Want: Umit Banan S/S 2010

Today everyone seemed to be talking about Umit Banan, with photos of his S/S 2010 collection. And listen, if I could get the jackets + shorts in this photo, I'd be talking too!

Very cool look... the shorts remind me of a Shipley & Halmos pair I tried on last summer. I like that the shorts are short, and the flaps with buttons add a nice touch. The jacket (with the slouchy white tee) has a very light + casual feel and paired with the shorts makes a perfect outdoor dinner party/BBQ outfit!

Please please check out the rest of the collection at: www.umitbanan.com

And you can read a short interview with the designer courtesy of Valet Mag: http://www.valetmag.com/style/profiles-features/2010/3-questions-for-umit-benan-011110.php/

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