Monday, January 30, 2012

Padded Jacket from NUMBER:Lab: Things I Have

Recently I wrote about my three favorite pieces from Capsule, of which one was an incredible jacket from NUMBER:Lab. So it was only natural that when I heard about their sample sale last weekend, I knew I had to stop by.

Actually I've been passing their new store on 10th Avenue every day on my way to work, and needed to go check out the space... so this was the perfect opportunity!

The brand does a great job of creating items you can wear every day, but that have an outdoor technical side. Their site very accurately calls it "tech + tailored".

At the sale I tried on a padded vest, which I loved. When the salesperson told me it came with sleeves (aka was a jacket with removable sleeves), I was sold. I loved the crop fit, the super warm double lining, and the double collar.

Wore the jacket out Saturday night, to great reviews, and again on Sunday... it's quickly becoming a staple in my closet and I'm so happy I grabbed it!

It's not too late to pick one up on the NUMBER:Lab site...

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