Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jacket from W-D: Things I Want

I'm still getting caught up from reviewing all of the great coverage the past two weeks, through Florence, Milan, and Paris shows. There was a standout post from We Are The Market on an Italian brand I hadn't heard of before... W-D (or Well Dressed Man).

Created by Salvatore Battello as "a capsule collection of men's jackets borrowed directly from British sartorial tradition" the line uses mostly British fabrics but with a "Made in Italy design" principles.

I was really taken with most of the pieces (there are only six for Fall 2012) -- mostly around the color palette and the patterns, which made the jackets distinctive from what else is available.

The first one below is my absolute favorite...

Now I need to find out where these beauties will be distributed come Fall! Until then check out the website for the full collection...

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