Friday, January 20, 2012

Givenchy Fall 2012: Things I Love

My favorite show out of Paris so far has been Givenchy. Granted, Thom Browne hasn't shown yet... but I had to give a shout to Riccardo Tisci for the amazing work he's done at the house in general, but specifically with men's. It is not a collection that skews towards my personal aesthetic but I totally appreciate what he's doing and do want to give it a try!

As with Spring he shows a consistent threading of themes, staying on point with the general nuances he's introduced (skirts, leggings, printed tops) while tackling more subtlety for Fall '12 (no birds of paradise here).

Going through the collection I really fell for the more monochromatic looks and pulled out a few of my favorites to highlight below.

I really loved this coat and can't wait to see (and touch) it in person.

Something so nice and clean about this black shirt + pants, but with that striped belt holding it all together.

This leather top is fantastic! Again there are common tones in the whole look, which I didn't mind given the change in material and hue.

Red on red on red on... for someone like myself who appreciates a bold color statement, this is it!

Check out the rest of the collection (it is totally worth it!) at Go Riccardo!

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