Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oxford Shirts from Uniqlo: Things I Love

I've been a big fan of Uniqlo well before they hit Stateside... when I worked in Asia I started (and still do) get most of my denim there. They're great for basics in fun colors, and the Japanese slim tailoring is perfect for me.

Recently I had an emergency for a white shirt and bought a Uniqlo oxford. And I loved it! It fit me so well, was easy to wear, and totally flexible to dress up or down. Paired the white one with my new AMI sweater, which was a big hit.

I've since gone back and bought it in 3 of the 5 colors they offer (two shown here). My younger brother commented on how much he liked mine, so he got one too.

While they now have three stores in NYC (one dangerously close to where I live), that's it for their U.S. retail presence, and they currently don't offer e-com in the States. So for now, just go to their site and drool (or ask me to pick something up for you!).

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dailophay247 said...

Hi Matt,

I am looking for these Uniqlo Oxford Shirts, but they do not offer e-commerce or phone orders and I am located in CA! I have no way to get these. I would love to have them in size S and in both blue and white colors. If you can get these for me and ship it, I can pay you via paypal.