Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I Love: This is Not a Polo Shirt

This post should be titled "Reinvention" or "Vintage Inspiration". I've been thinking a lot lately about taking design inspiration from something in the past and repositioning it for today.

So it was really funny to discover that Band of Outsiders has done just that and in a really fun & contemporary way.

A few weeks ago I was reading GQ and came across this editorial about Band of Outsider's new "This is Not a Polo Shirt" collection. Modeled by James Franco's younger brother, I thought the various polo designs were really fun and poppy.

I was intrigued, and so I went to the Band of Outsiders website (http://band.bandofoutsiders.com). Imagine my surprise to see this picture of the label's designer, Scott Sternberg, from 1980. And wearing a yellow polo very similar to the one pictured above in GQ.

I love taking this sort of inspiration from your youth, or from a moment that so quintesentially typifies an era. I think I may have had the western styled shirt worn by the next boy over in that photo. Fun times!

Go check out the polo shirt inspiration + collection here: http://notapolo.bandofoutsiders.com/

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