Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things I Want: The J Crew Catalog

I was recently in J Crew and found some great items in their Men's shop. Some of it seemed a little premature (given it is officially winter) but I was assured that it was part of the Resort collection and not officially S/S 10.
That said, I am tempted to pick these three items up right now!
First is this awesome madras shirt. I love the blend of colors -- it is not as pastel focused and soft as most madras, and could actually be good for winter (in a warmer climate).

Next is this gingham shirt (I kept referring to it as the windowpane shirt). They have this shirt in a smaller gingham pattern as well, but I really liked the large squares and how that scale looked. No surprise that I gravitated towards the blue version, I have a terrible addiction to that color.

Third item... seersucker shorts! I've long been a fan of seersucker (and would one day love to own a suit) and so these looked so great for spring.

Now what you should do is go to the J Crew Men's store online and do a little research (http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/Men.jsp) and then head in-store! Enjoy!


Larkin said...

Just discovered your blog (i was typing to see what i could match with my new seersucker shorts) and then saw your pic of the madras print shirt at Jcrew (which i just bought last week) - totally worth it!

Enjoy Bazaar said...

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