Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I Have: Feiyue

Whenever I arrive in Shanghai I pick up one of the local English magazines, which provide news and events for around the city. On this trip I read an article about Feiyue, a Shanghai produced sneaker that has been made since 1959.

Like many retro items that are coming back, the Feiyue brand was picked up by a Western entrepreneur who modified the shoe a bit and started selling them in France and the U.S. The article I read mentioned you could get them now at Fred Segal for $50.

However... there is a small shop in Shanghai that still sells the original. The low cut version is the equivalent of $4 and the mid-top shown here are $7.

So yesterday I hopped on the metro and went to find me some Feiyue! The shop selling them is a very typical local place, a very tiny storefront with merchandise packed inside. The woman inside looked at me (the only Westerner for miles) and immediately knew what I had come for.

And that's how I walked away with a pair in white and in black for a total of 96 RMB. Incredible!

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