Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I Want: Michael Bastian (Everything!)

I've been anticipating the Gant by Michael Bastian line for a while and so was thrilled to see photos from last week's presentation. I love it! It totally melds both Gant's design point of view with a classic Michael Bastian perspective. And I'm guessing the price point will be more amenable than that of Michael's signature collection.

Below you can see a glimpse of the Gant pieces (I love the green lacrosse sweater), and you can read more at Selectism:

Now, not to ignore Michael Bastian's own line... it was pretty fantastic too. Great sweaters and sports coats and patches (things he is always strong withi). But I especially drooled over the combo below...

And yes, his track record on handsome models is pretty good too! Check out more photos from his show here at GQ:

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