Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bootlegger Khakis from Bonobos: Things I Have

You might get tired of hearing me talk about Bonobos. They rock. Their pants (and shorts) are amazing. The fit is incredible and the funky fabric linings keep me smiling whenever I wear them.

So since I've been on the hunt for some new cotton pants that are good enough for work, but that I can also wear casually, I headed to the Bonobos site.

Their site is super easy to navigate, and they make it really simple to select your pants based on fabric, fit, and color. I just picked up these Bootlegger khakis and love them...

You should do yourself a big favor and check out their offerings. Bonobos has expanded from pants into suits, shirts, and they also curate goods you'll love from other labels. These guys do it right!

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