Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tweed Hat by Flechet: Things I Have

I'm not normally a big wearer of hats -- I have two, one black wool (from Agnes B) for winter and a brimmed hat from Engineered Garments that I wear in the summer. But the other day I was at BHV in Paris and saw this amazing tweed hat.

Sure I felt a bit like I was in "Newsies", but it fit me perfectly and it's made in France by a Parisian brand started in 1859.

The brand, Flechet, was begun by Gabriel Flechet in 1859 and at one point had 700 employees. I liked the idea of not only supporting local industry but also that this can be my new cold weather hat. The wool is thick and warm and perfect for winter days in the city.

Here's a little more info, If you want to know about Flechet (en francais).

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