Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leather Espadrilles: Things I Have

Okay so it may be cold and rainy in Paris, but I now cannot wait for summer. I just bought some leather espadrilles!

Two summers ago, in the South of France, I bought a pair of espadrilles for 5 EUR. I've worn them constantly since then and as a result have worn them out. So I knew I'd need to pick up a new pair before warm weather arrives...

Then today I was walking through the Marais and saw a shoe repair shop with espadrilles stacked in the window. I went in and of course bought a new pair of canvas ones, but they also had some in leather.

They are amazing! Can't wait to rock them out on the beach!

1 comment:

Ken Tran said...

How are the leather ones vs cloth/linen espadrilles? Breathability would be my main concern.