Friday, December 31, 2010

Smythson Leather Notebook: Things I Have

In what seems like an oxymoronic product offering, Smythson (the storied English stationer) has created a small notebook embossed with the word "Recessionista". Now, it just so happens that I am on the hunt for a small leather notebook... and this one, despite it's humourous messaging, fit the bill.

Of course I have plenty of notebooks, but nothing that is compact enough to fit in my bag for those moments when you're inspired and need to write something down! This delivery from Smythson accomplishes that. I was of course drawn to the Fuschia leather. The tongue-in-cheek sentiment on the front just made me smile.

I picked mine up at colette (yes another Paris purchase), but they're now on sale at the Smythson website. Check out the rest of their fun pieces!

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