Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweatshirt from Tim Coppens: Things I Want

As most of you know, I've become slightly obsessed with the designs of Tim Coppens since he launched his label a few seasons ago. His outerwear for Fall '12 was incredible with a use of stitching, mixed materials, and the highest quality hardware I've seen.

When he showed his Spring '13 collection I was equally wowed and had a few standout pieces -- bomber jackets, a continued infusion of technical fabrics, and stitched leather.

So yesterday when I made my bi-weekly trip to Barney's, I was thrilled to see some pieces from this Spring collection in the store. I picked out this navy and black sweatshirt with leather arm panel.... it was (unsurprisingly) incredible. 

Fairly lightweight despite the layering of materials, it fit me perfectly, and was extremely comfortable. The leather pocket on the sleeve, with Coppens now signature gold hardware, was a mix of fashion and function that made the piece stand out.

Now when Coppens showed it in his Spring presentation it was paired with quilted leather shorts, that I was salivating over (and still am). 

Barney's didn't get those in yet, but I will put both pieces on my wishlist... and here's to hoping! See all of Tim Coppen's Spring collection here.

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