Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Madras Short Suit from Black Fleece: Things I Want

Over the weekend I decided I couldn't wait any longer to see Black Fleece Spring '13 in store. So I went on over to the Bleecker street store + started trying it on... 

The banana leaf motif was especially fun, and definitely something you won't see elsewhere.

There was (unsurprisingly) a lot of madras and I loved it all... this light cotton cut-away jacket was a standout. The weight will be perfect for warmer weather and as with most things designed by Thom Browne it fit without much need for alteration.

Then I thought, why would I just want the madras jacket when I could get the shorts and have  a new Spring suit! The matching bermuda shorts are also lightweight, and with the knee-length I could get away wearing it to a dressier occasion. 

The shorts hadn't yet arrived in my size, so you're seeing it here on a model and not on me... yet! But stay tuned, I'm excited to grab this look for sunny days soon.

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