Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michael Bastian Fall 2013: NYFW Review

Before showing his Fall 2013 collection, Michael Bastian hinted it would be about the darker side of New England. And there was definitely an edge to his looks on Tuesday night -- from eyeliner on the models, to a more somber palette, and some styling techniques (read: skinny suspenders + buttoned up polos) that gave me a little British goth influence. 

Bastian delivered on the amazing suiting he has become known for -- here with this double-breasted version worn by model Tom Bull (who has been everywhere this season). The tartan duffel is nice complement, and would be a spirited bag for Fall.

In a more casual suited look, this styling is pure Bastian -- the pants a little low-slung, the iconic belt buckle, and layered vest.

Here was another sweet spot -- gorgeous knits infused with an eye-catching pattern. Paired with these shockingly red pants and light overcoat complete a rainy day look, and one that I could definitely see myself in.

An example of the 'darker' side of this collection, this quilted black jacket (with extensive fur collar, naturally) and black leather pants. While Bastian's version of the pant is a little less fitted than what I saw at Todd Snyder, it's an interested trend for Fall. I also like the stitched knees (something Bastian also used on the Gant side for Spring).

Overall a strong continuation of the Michael Bastian brand, seen through such a clear lens that you see it and just know it's him. The edgier side is a nice translation for Fall and is in line with what a number of men's designers are channeling... go here for all photos of the collection.

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