Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bureau of Trade: Things I Love

I've never been very adept at searching eBay for things I want. When I was looking for some vintage Marais chairs I tasked my friend John with finding them for me. My friend Jeff dutifully sent a number of links for a vintage Rolex... but I could never quite get behind it myself. Until now.

Launched this year is the answer to all of your sartorial and lifestyle needs (although you may not know you need it yet)... Bureau of Trade. Pulling in items from eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and full priced niche vendors, they provide a veritable treasure chest of men's items across multiple categories.

This week I came across these great Bally boots... part of their "August Camping in the Great Lakes" story.

Also in the story -- this fantastic vintage Omega watch. Love it!

When I first spoke with the BoT team my first question was -- what if I love this Omega watch but someone gets to it first? Well they've thought through that, and present multiple (well selected) alternatives. As I was assured, there is a watch for you.

So after poking around the site the past few weeks I've decided to give the whole thing a try... starting this week you'll see the first Men's Threads collection at Bureau of Trade. I hope you like it + there'll be more to come. Enjoy + happy shopping!

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