Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cotton Sweater from Gant Rugger: Things I Have

I really think that Gant Rugger is not only staying consistent and on brand, but getting better and more refined each season. So it was no surprise that Christopher Bastin was just named Creative Director at Gant.... well deserved.

Recently I popped into the Rugger store on Bleecker street and picked up this great sweater from Fall '12. It's a really lightweight cotton and silk blend, a perfect transition piece between seasons.

And while it came in a few different colors, I of course went with the yellow. Couldn't help myself!

I wore the sweater for the first time last week over a white tee, but really like how they styled it for the lookbook... given how light the sweater is, it creates a transparency that lets you see the shirt + tie combo underneath.

You can see all of the colors (plus other great Fall finds) on the Gant site...

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