Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shirt from COS: Things I Want

While in Bilbao last week I stopped into COS, the up-market brand from H&M. Ever since my friend Tanner told me about them, I've been a fan. I find it to have a Scandinavian aesthetic (read simple yet quirky) and offers something I can't find Stateside. Whenever I'm in a European city that has a COS, I check it out.

So last week I tried on this killer chambray shirt. Well they call it a "shirt" but I'd go more for shacket -- it has the thickness of a regular shirt but there are side pockets and an elastic waist, making it more like an over-shirt or jacket.

I can totally see wearing this partially buttoned over a t-shirt or gingham shirt... 

Now the only reason I didn't buy this was because they didn't have my size + COS does not ship outside of countries it has stores... so it's on my #want list for now!

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