Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashion Sketches from Little Doodles: Things I Love

Fashion sketches, versus photographs, offer such a great insight into a look or a collection. While a photo (for the most part) is an identical reproduction of what was shown, a sketch is an interpretation; one that relays how someone actually saw the piece coming down the runway.

I'm a big fan of Richard Haines and the work he shows at
What I Saw Today. The Unknown Hipster is also a favorite. Then this week, Style Salvage did a piece on the site Little Doodles, and I was in awe of the drawings from the recent Milan shows.

I was going through the images and laughed when I came across this sketch from the Woolrich Woolen Mills collection... this is the exact coat I blogged about earlier this week! Love it!

And here is one from Missoni... the artist selected one of my favorite looks from the show, and I love how the pants were just left as an outline, focusing on the sweater, jacket, and scarf.

You kind of need to go by Style Salvage and check out the rest, they're pretty amazing.

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Sammy said...

Amazing sketches!!

XO, Sammy