Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Woolrich Woolen Mills Coat: Things I Want

This is my 201st post! Good times!

Okay... so I have already picked out my winter coat for next year. It's this beaut from Woolrich Woolen Mills. Since Mark McNairy's taken the reins, the brands has really stayed on a great course. I know I'm a sucker for styling (and a cute model) but this coat is really fantastic. Love the really wide lapel and collar, the length, the thick wool, and well just everything about it.

Am guessing that by next winter we all won't rollin' our pants quite as much, but I'll take that coat with some dark denim, a white shirt, colorful scarf and I'm set.

This image via those amazing folks at BPMW... see their We Are the Market post for more shots!

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