Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jacket from Unis: Things I Have

I've done some previous coverage of Unis, the NYC based menswear label started by Eunice Lee. They offer a great casual urban aesthetic + have been picked up by Bloomingdales (so I can actually find it in L.A. now!).

So of course while I was just in NYC I had to make a stop by their store on Elizabeth... and as luck would have it, they're having a sale. I tried on a few different jackets (I'm on the hunt for a Spring blazer) but really fell in love with this cotton double-breasted shawl collar jacket.

It is so comfortable, fit me great, and the collar was large enough to cover my neck and keep me warm. I also really liked the plaid lining, giving the piece a little unexpected kick.

Go to their site and check out other items they have on sale... not to late to get some Unis for yourself!

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